Updates to Network Address Translation (NAT) Behavioral Requirements
RFC 7857

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 07 and is now closed.

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Comment (2016-03-01 for -07)
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Some very minor comments:

- I echo Stephen's thanks to the shepherd for the details on the handling of the IPR disclosure.

- 14, third paragraph:
Please consider changing the "MUST...only" construction to either "MAY...only" or "MUST NOT...unless". I personally prefer the latter.  (OTOH, isn't this already covered normatively in section 3? Perhaps it could be descriptive here.)

-- Third paragraph from end:
s/"Hosts which require..."/"Hosts that require..."

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Comment (2016-03-01 for -07)
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- Thanks for the info about the IPR declaration in the write
up. It's useful to know that. 

- intro: Phrases like "greatly advanced" always make me think
I'm getting sales talk and make me wonder why. (In this case,
there was no other sales talk though, and thanks for that:-)
I think s/greatly advanced/documented/ would have been fine.

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