RTP Control Protocol (RTCP) Extended Report (XR) Block for Independent Reporting of Burst/Gap Discard Metrics
RFC 8015

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 02 and is now closed.

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Comment (2016-08-01 for -02)
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I have a few minor comments:

-1.1, 3rd paragraph, first sentence:
Is the "MUST" a new normative requirement, or a statement of fact concerning 7003? If the later, please consider restating without the 2119 keyword.

- 2, last paragraph: 
"RECOMMENDS" also seems like a statement of fact.
Please expand "GMin" on first use.

-3.2, definition of "I": Why define "I=01" then forbid it's use?

-5, last sentence: Is the "MAY" a statement of fact?

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Comment (2016-08-02 for -02)
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p3, 1st sentence: "it" (used twice) is ambiguous

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Comment (2016-08-03 for -02)
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Liushucheng (Will) <liushucheng@huawei.com> provided the opsdir review. I think the discussion has been resolved to my satisfaction.

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Comment (2016-08-02 for -02)
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Sorry still not an RT(C)P expert, but one question out of curiosity:

Would it be a valid operation if I send one MIR Block per burst (by adapting the measurement duration dynamically), in case I really want to know the length of each burst separately? 

If so (or also if not, I guess), would it make sense to give recommendations about how often one should send feedback, or is this generally covered elsewhere (provide pointer!) that applies for this case?

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