A YANG Data Model for Routing Management
RFC 8022

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 24 and is now closed.

(Alia Atlas) Yes

Deborah Brungard Yes

(Benoît Claise) Yes

Alvaro Retana Yes

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Comment (2016-11-01 for -24)
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Should the reference to 6536. Be normative?

Alissa Cooper No Objection

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Comment (2016-11-02 for -24)
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If there exists a draft for a yang module that augments this
in a way that includes cryptographic values (e.g. maybe for an
IPsec VPN or something) then I think that'd be a nice addition
to section 11 as an informative reference.

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(Suresh Krishnan) No Objection

Comment (2016-11-02 for -24)
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* Have you considered including support for the Route Information Option (RFC4191)? Seems like it would be useful.

* default-lifetime is defined with a range of 0..9000 in this document but the upper limit will be raised to 65535 if and when draft-ietf-6man-maxra is approved. Is there a mechanism by which you can easily support this increased upper limit?

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