Session Description Protocol (SDP) Offer/Answer Clarifications for RTP/RTCP Multiplexing
RFC 8035

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Alissa Cooper Yes

Comment (2016-10-10 for -05)
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"If the answerer includes an "a=rtcp-mux" attribute in the answer, the
  offerer and answerer MUST multiplex RTP and RTCP packets on a single

  If the answer does not contain an "a=rtcp-mux" attribute, the offerer
  and answerer MUST NOT multiplex RTP and RTCP packets on a single port."

The first of these says "the answerer" and the second says "the answer." This is also how the text appears in 5761, but the difference between them caught my eye here because of the other changes being made. Is the intended meaning different between "the answerer" and the "the answer"? That is, is the implication that if the answerer include a=rtcp-mux but that somehow gets modified such that when the answer arrives at the offerer, it no longer contains a=rtcp-mux, that neither side is supposed to multiplex? This made a little more sense to me in 5761 because it was only about what the offerer should do, but now it is about what both parties should do, so I think it would help to clarify whether these two statements are both about what the answerer puts in the answer.

Spencer Dawkins Yes

Comment (2016-10-12 for -05)
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Thanks for doing this work, and for your response to Alissa's comment on answer/answerer. 

I did have one question - I wonder if the title

                RFC 5761 SDP Offer/Answer Clarifications

might be clearer for readers who don't have RFC numbers memorized, if it was something like

                a=rtcp-mux SDP Offer/Answer Clarifications

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Comment (2016-10-12 for -05)
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Rick Casarez <> provided the opsdir review

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