Bidirectional Remote Procedure Call on RPC-over-RDMA Transports
RFC 8167

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Comment (2017-03-01 for -07)
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Edit: I meant to add, thanks for a well written and easy to read document!

Some minor comments:

-4.1: This is the first mention of "credits", and there is no definition. I realize that the term is defined in the reference from the previous section. It would be helpful to mention that in the context of that reference.
--  Are there any head-of-line-blocking issues introduced by bidirectional transactions? For example, can a reply get stuck behind requests that are blocked by flow control?

-5.4, 4th paragraph, last sentence: Can a reverse requestor reasonably give up or time out, rather than wait "indefinitely"?

-8:  This implies that reverse direction transactions do not change anything.If that is the case, please say so explicitly. For example, Is there any change to authentication for reverse calls? I am not an expert in direct memory access transport protocols; are there every situation where authentication depends on an initial request from the client?

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Comment (2017-03-01 for -07)
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Thanks for the well written document!

Minor comments:

1) Please double-check if maybe more normative language is needed; maybe some of the lower case musts and shoulds, could/should be upper case, especially in section 4.2 and 4.3...?

2) sec 5.4: I guess if available the requester in reverse direction could also open a TCP connection to retransmit?

3) What's DDP?

4) Are there any security impacts because a connection might stay open longer than previously?

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Comment (2017-02-28 for -07)
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Thanks for taking into account the SecDir review comments.