HTTP Immutable Responses
RFC 8246

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 03 and is now closed.

(Ben Campbell) Yes

(Spencer Dawkins) Yes

Comment (2017-08-02)
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I'm honestly surprised that we haven't already done this. Thanks for doing it now!

(Alexey Melnikov) Yes

(Adam Roach) Yes

Comment (2017-07-31)
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Presumably, the "Note to Readers" section should be removed prior to publication. Please either remove it, add a note to it that it should be removed, or add an RFC editor note to this effect.

Trivial nits that aren't worth re-spinning the document before, but which you may wish to consider if you have any other reasons to revise it:

- Put quotation marks around "immutable" in the abstract.

- Replace "assures" with "insures" in the abstract (or rephase along the lines of "...assures the client that it never...").

- In the third paragraph of the Introduction, replace "Users that..." with "Users who..."

- The cache control registry currently contains section numbers for every citation. Would update section 4 to indicate: "[this document, section 2]"

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Comment (2017-07-29)
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