IMAP Extension for STATUS=SIZE
RFC 8438

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 01 and is now closed.

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Comment (2018-06-06)
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§1, first sentence: Missing article before "Internet Message Access Protocol"

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Comment (2018-06-05)
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(Just as an aside - all the EXTRA drafts I'm reading this week are great examples of protocol extensions. I'm glad I balloted Yes to create the group!)

I was somewhat confused by the first couple of sentences.

  This document extends Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)
   [IMAP4rev1] with a new capability called "STATUS=SIZE".  To determine
   the total storage size of a mailbox, an IMAP client currently needs
   to retrieve all message sizes individually using the FETCH command
   with the RFC822.SIZE data item. 

Is the "total storage size of a mailbox" the "total size of all messages stored in a message store"? "Total storage size of a mailbox" seems more like a capacity number than a usage number. 

I see "total size of the mailbox" used in more than one place, but I think just the clarification on first use would be enough. And my apologies if everyone who has ever worked on IMAP knows what was meant ;-)

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Comment (2018-06-04)
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The current BCP 14 citation includes RFC 8174 as well as 2119 (and has different
boilerplate text to use).

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Comment (2018-06-05)
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I am fine with the range being limited to the positive half of the signed 64 bit integer range, but I am not at all sure why this makes implementation any easier. Can you clarify?

   The message size is chosen to be at most 63 bits wide rather than 64
   bits to make implementations on various platforms (such as Java)

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