A YANG Module for Network Address Translation (NAT) and Network Prefix Translation (NPT)
RFC 8512

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Comment (2018-09-25 for -16)
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Thanks for the easy-to-read document!  I just have a few comments and potential nits
I noticed.

It was somewhat interesting to me that basically everything is config rw, including ports and
addresses that would normally be assigned internally by the NAT, but I don't see this as

Section 2.1

                              Considerations about instructing explicit
   dynamic means (e.g., [RFC6887], [RFC6736], or [RFC8045]) are out of
   scope.  [...]

I'm having trouble parsing this; is it maybe "instructing by explicit
dynamic means" or "explicit dynamic mappings"?

Section 3

What's the relationship between hold-down-timeout and hold-down-max -- that
is, if the maximum number of ports in the pool gets hit, to the oldest
ports in the pool get ejected even if they haven't timed out, or what

I don't expect this to need to be in the document, but I'm curious what the
use case for the all-algs-enable leaf is.

I may be confused, but is the ordering relationship between low-threshold
and high-threshold correct?  From the description it would seem like we
need low < high, but I'm reading the text as requiring low >= high.
Also, the error-message for that "must" stanza talks about port numbers,
not percentage thresholds.

        container connection-limits {
          list limit-per-protocol {
            leaf limit {
              type uint32;
                "Rate-limit the number of protocol-specific mappings
                 and sessions per instance.";

This is a maximum, not a rate-limit, I think?

Section A.6

   EAMs may be enabled jointly with statefull NAT64.  This example shows
   a NAT64 function that supports static mappings:

nit: "stateful"

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Comment (2018-09-25 for -16)
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Shouldn't the "psid-offset" have a default value of 6 for the 'a' bits in MAP-E?

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Comment (2018-09-24 for -16)
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Thanks for addressing my discuss well and quickly! Also thanks for the other changes to further consider other protocols such as DCCP and SCTP!

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