Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) - SAVEDATE Extension
RFC 8514

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Comment (2018-09-24)
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This seems a very useful mechanism. Thanks to everyone who contributed. 


>  The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT",
>  document are to be interpreted as described in [KEYWORDS].

Please update to use RFC 8174's boilerplate.

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Comment (2018-09-25)
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Section 1

   to permanently remove (expunge) all messages in that Trash mailbox
   deleted before a certain time (e.g. a configurable expiration

nit: comma after "e.g.".

Section 4.2

Should there be an example for the 'NIL response' case?

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Comment (2018-09-19)
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Thanks to Shwetha Bhandari for the OpsDir review - it is much appreciated.

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