RTP Payload Format for Flexible Forward Error Correction (FEC)
RFC 8627

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Comment (2019-02-19 for -17)
I do have one question - the IESG has approved https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-ietf-tsvwg-fecframe-ext/, which updates RFC 6363 to support sliding encoding window codes, in addition to block codes, and it seems like that would be useful for real-time payload FEC here. Is that something that people have looked at?

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Comment (2019-03-08 for -18)
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Thank you for addressing my DISCUSS points (and de-confusing me on how the
recovery state is consolidated across the different SSRCs and packets it covers)!

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Comment (2019-02-20 for -17)
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Like others, I found the 2-D description confusing -- but I'm *so* not a SME here, and figured it's probably just me :-)

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Comment (2019-02-21 for -17)
Thanks for the well-written document! And thanks for addressing the TSV-ART comments (and thanks Bernard for the review)!

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Comment (2019-02-19 for -17)
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I found 2-D description confusing as well.

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