Guidelines and Registration Procedures for Interface Types and Tunnel Types
RFC 8892

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The IESG has approved the following document:
- 'Guidelines and Registration Procedures for Interface Types and Tunnel
  (draft-thaler-iftype-reg-07.txt) as Proposed Standard

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The IESG contact person is Suresh Krishnan.

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Technical Summary

This document identifies a number of problems with the existing ifType and tunnelType IANA registries which have arisen as their use has grown beyond the original scope for use with MIB modules (as defined in RFC2863). The document extends the applicability of RFC2863 to include YANG modules. It also contains procedures and templates for the registration of new ifType or tunnelType entries.

Working Group Summary

This document is an AD sponsored submission. It has been reviewed and discussed across several WGs (int-area, dhcwg, softwires, OPSAWG and v6ops).

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Ian Farrer is the Document Shepherd
Suresh Krishnan is the Responsible AD

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At the time of publication of this document, IANA may not be able to perform 
some of the actions requested below due to limitations of their current platform 
and toolset. In such cases IANA is requested to perform these actions
as and when IANA completes the migration to a new platform that would enable 
these actions.