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Meeting Slides

From Last time!
- Managed Attachments - final status
    - Ken will do
    - Need to lock down poll
    - Mike!  (Ken can help with)
- VALARM Extensions
    - Draft written by Cyrus Daboo
    - Main one we want to keep is acknowledgement - Apple, Thunderbird support
    - Probably Ken?  (currently co-author)
    - Considering removing Apple’s “default alarms” hack.
        - Avoid server putting defaults back on!
    - Proximity alarm (Apple already using)
        - If close to supermarket, fire an alarm!
    - Specify if you want an alarm, and how important the event is for you.
        - Is it really important for me to get to this event?
        - Spend time in TC-CALENDAR debating if we want to change behaviour?
        - SECOND DRAFT
    - ALARM AGENT → client/server.
    - Related events →
        - alarm tied  to multiple events?
        - X-travel-time?  Client side will decide when to notify, not server
        side at all with Android - Proprietary API anyway.
- Subscription Upgrade
    - Smart updates to an ICS feed
    - Conditional request with a prefer header.
    - Adds “Status DELETED”.
    - OPTIONS → can specify what’s available.
    - Is “eTag” being used?  Need to use weak eTag.
    - Does it support pagination?  NO!
        - A header that says “still more changes”.
    - A way to say “there’s been a change” → aka push.
    - Author: Mike - individual submission (rev 3)
    - Ask HTTPBIS to look at it.
- CalDAV Sharing →
    - what Apple has already implemented
    - is 3 drafts
        - DAV Notifications
        - DAV sharing
        - CALDAV sharing
    - Author: Evert wrote originally  (Ken to write?)
    - MAY WANT TO STANDARDISE Per-USER write capability
        - DAV namespace
        - Go via Dispatch?
    - Per user notes on a vcard?
    - TODO: organizer, owner, etc in the caldav part.
    - Cyrus Daboo originated
    - Reduce client/server chatter.
    - Describes how to use it with RFC PATCH method.
    - Plz send patches
    - Top level:
        - Do you have anything new in calendar home.
        - Existing collection on the homeset
        - Use Depth: infinity
        - “supported report set”
        - “error status for un-traversable children”
    - Effort to reduce size of recurring events with a bunch of overrides.
- Suggestion: Punt these three in favour of JSCalendar.
- Informational draft → or DEVGUIDE.  List all the resources a developer needs
for a caldav client/server.
    - Evert’s website.
- MIKE: Series draft
    - related events → recurring event going on forever
    - Proposed a replacement → series.
    - Master event, all instances are independent events with their own UID and
    a related-to to show that they are joined together. - try implementing
    - There’s a spec already!
    - (SRULE) draft-douglass-series


- ICalendar Series
    - Mike to do
    - Fairly complete
    - Needs implementation experience
    - Blocking events → other calendars know stuff that server can use but
    client may not know. - (implementation: alarm? bot?)
- ICal Relations
    - Has already gone through Calext.
- ICALENDAR:2.0+ → no point, JSCalendar is basically that
- cal-resource-vcard + vcard-*
    - takes existing systems and maps them to vcard
    - important to get back to
    - Mike! (is the last one standing)
    - feed in ISO work with names and addresses
    - feed into JSContact work
- server-info
    - makes sense!
    - still valuable, clients can just add it at the time they add the new
    features - Mike! and Ken… - any other volunteers?
- serverside-subscriptions
    - came out of Apple and Sam
    - Mike again!
- streaming
    - early days!
    - Adrian from DHL
    - Need to find out status


- ical-relations
- server-info
- tasks


- series
- serverside-subscriptions