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Title Gould - Cassanova - Secure Authinfo Transfer mailinglist message
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[regext] Signaling BCP support in EPP for
draft-ietf-regext-secure-authinfo-transfer and

"Gould, James"  Mon, 16 March 2020 14:28 UTCShow header

One question that was raised by Patrick Mevzek on the mailing list was
associated with signaling the implementation of a BCP by the server that I
believe would also apply to the client.  This question applies to the two
REGEXT BCP drafts draft-ietf-regext-secure-authinfo-transfer and
draft-ietf-regext-unhandled-namespaces.  The only existing signaling mechanism
in EPP is the use of the greeting and login services.  A namespace URI could be
assigned for each BCP draft that is included as an  or an  in the greeting to
inform the client of the support of the BCP by the server, and in the login
command to inform the server of the support of the BCP by the client.  Between
the two options, I prefer the use of the .  The questions for the working group

  1.  Is signaling needed in EPP for the implementation of BCPs?
  2.  If signaling is needed:
     *   Will the existing signaling mechanism in EPP with the greeting and
     login services meet the purpose? *   Of the two service URIs  and , which
     is the preferred URI to use? *   What URI scheme should be used?

                                                  i.      One proposal is to
                                                  include bcp in the namespace,
                                                  such as
                                                   The  would be updated based
                                                  on material updates to the
                                                  BCP draft and bumped to 1.0
                                                  after WGLC.

Please reply to the list with your feedback.