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2015-06-18: Agenda

Meeting Slides IETF-IEEE (ietfieee) IAB ASG
Date and time 2021-12-31 20:00
Title 2015-06-18: Agenda
State Active
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Last updated 2022-06-10

1. Roll Call, Agenda Bashing, Minutes Approval

The draft minutes of the 1/21 virtual meeting are available at

2. Introduction of new IESG and EC members.

3. Changes in the IESG areas

4. Review of Other Action Items from Previous Meetings (not part of the
shared items list)

  - Ted Lemon and Bob Heile to establish a formal liaison relationship
    between the IETF 6TISCH WG and IEEE 802.15.

  - Norm Finn to provide a better description for shared item 25
    (Layer2/Layer 3 Interaction for Time-Sensitive Traffic).

  - Glenn Parsons to nominate someone from the IEEE side to work with
    Benoit Claise on shared item 27 (YANG models).

  - Glenn Parsons to nominate someone to replace Ben Mack-Crane as the
    802 contact point for shared item 19 (Common OAM proposal).

5. July 2015 meetings

- DetNet BOF
- IEEE 802 Privacy PAR and CSD
- short pass on the other IETF BOFs and IEEE 802 PARs that may be 
  relevant to IEEE 802 and IETF coordination
- Tutorials

6. Areas of shared interest between the IETF and IEEE 802.  Review of
the list of items, status and action items - discussion led by Pat and

7. Review of Action Items