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2015-06-18: Minutes

Meeting Slides IETF-IEEE (ietfieee) IAB ASG
Date and time 2021-12-31 20:00
Title 2015-06-18: Minutes
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IAB, IESG and IEEE 802 Executive Committee
Minutes of the 18 June 2015 Virtual Meeting

Reported by: Cindy Morgan, IETF Secretariat

 Alia Atlas
 Benoit Claise
 Ralph Droms
 Donald Eastlake
 Norman Finn
 Eric Gray
 Bob Heile
 Marc Holness
 Barry Leiba
 Cindy Morgan
 Paul Nikolich
 Glenn Parsons
 Dan Romascanu
 Pat Thaler
 Pascal Thubert
 Juan Carlos Zuniga

 Deborah Brungard
 Janos Farcas
 Stephen Farrell
 Brian Haberman
 Max Riegel


1. Roll Call, Agenda Bashing, Minutes Approval

  The minutes of the 21 January 2015 meeting were approved.

2. Introduction of new IESG and EC members

  Barry Leiba noted that the IESG has added a third Routing Area
  Director, and that the Applications Area and the Real-time
  Applications and Infrastructure Areas were merged into the new
  Applications and Real-Time Area.

  Ralph Droms added that he is now leading the IAB Liaison Oversight

  The full list of IESG members is available at:

  The full list of IAB members is available at:

  The full list of IEEE 802 Executive Committee members is available at:

3. Changes in the IESG areas

  See item 2 above.

4. Review of Other Action Items from Previous Meetings (not part of the
   shared items list)


  - Ted Lemon and Bob Heile to establish a formal liaison relationship
    between the IETF 6TISCH WG and IEEE 802.15.

    This item was closed without establishing a formal liaison, as Pat
    Kinney is an 802.15 WG vice chair and an active participant in the

  - Norm Finn to provide a better description for shared item 25
    (Layer2/Layer 3 Interaction for Time-Sensitive Traffic).

    Norm Finn reported that he has clocked at the DETNET BOF description
    for IETF 93 and feels good about that.

  - Glenn Parsons to nominate someone from the IEEE side to work with
    Benoit Claise on shared item 27 (YANG models).

  - Glenn Parsons to nominate someone to replace Ben Mack-Crane as the
    802 contact point for shared item 19 (Common OAM proposal).

5. July 2015 meetings

  The group reviewed the BOFs and PARs scheduled for each group's July


  - CAPtive PORTal interaction (CAPPORT) BOF relates to work in 802.11.

  - Privacy Enhanced RTP Conferencing (PERC) and Managing, Ordering,
    Distributing, Exposing, & Registering telephone Numbers (MODERN) are
    placeholder BOFs for Working Groups in the process of being
    chartered.  Dan Romascanu noted that privacy folks may be interested
    in PERC.

  - Simplified Use of Policy Abstractions (SUPA) BOF may be of interest
    to those in 802 working on policy-related YANG models.

  - Deterministic Networking (DETNET) BOF is of shared interest to the
    IETF and IEEE 802, about extending deterministic/time-sensitive
    networking over layer 3.

  - Open Specification for Pretty Good Privacy (OPENPGP) and DDoS Open
    Threat Signaling (DOTS) are placeholder BOFs for Working Groups in
    the process of being chartered; neither is expected to touch on 802

  IEEE 802 PARs:

  - 802.1CM: Time-Sensitive Networking for Fronthaul, PAR and CSD is
    about how to use the TSN capabilities defined in other projects in
    this use case.

  - 802.1Qcl- Amendment, YANG Data Model, PAR and CSD is one of 802's
    first YANG efforts; help from the IETF would be appreciated.

  - 802.1Qcn- Amendment, VSI/VDP extensions for NVO3, PAR and CSD is in
    response to a liaison from the NVO3 Working Group about virtual
    machine interfaces to the attached switch so that traffic can be
    handled appropriately.  It is expected that the project will write
    back a liaison response to NVO3 based on the outcome of this

  - 802.1Xck- Amendment,  YANG Data Model, PAR and CSD is about YANG
    models for security standards.

  - 802.3bq- Amendment, Addition of 25GBASE, PAR Modification Request
    and CSD is not expected to touch on IETF work.

  - 802.11az- Amendment: Positioning Enhancements, PAR and CSD is about
    improving ways to estimate location in 802.11.

  - 802.15.3- Revision, PAR and CSD s intended to update the standard to
    use a 48-bit MAC address to match the rest of the 802 architecture.

  - 802.15.9- Amendment, Recommended Practice for Transport of Key
    Management Protocol (KMP) Datagrams, PAR Modification and 5C is a
    key management protocol, and should be entering sponsor ballot

  - 802.19.1a - Amendment, Coexistence Methods for geo-location capable
    devices operating under general authorization, PAR and CSD.

  - Privacy Recommendation EC Study Group - Recommended Practice,
    Privacy Considerations for IEERE 802 Technologies, PAR (pdf) and
    PAR / CSD (PPTx) will address concerns at layer 2.

6. Review of Areas of Shared Interest Between the IETF and IEEE 802

  For more information, please see:

 Item 3. IETF NVO3 and IEEE 802.1 DCB

  Pat Thaler reported that the project work is ongoing, and that 802.1
  will likely send a liaison back to NVO3 after the July meetings.  She
  added that interim teleconferences will be used so that people can
  participate without having to attend a lot of face-to-face meetings.

 Item 5. Enabling use of Local Addresses for virtualization and IoT

  Dan Romascanu reported that project IEEE 802.c was approved in March.
  Ralph Droms will monitor this and see if it will be of interest to the

 Item 11. IETF and IEEE 802.1 OmniRAN TG

  Max Riegel reported via email that the draft document will be made
  available to IETF when all sections have at least initial content.

  Status update slides available at:

  Dan Romascanu noted that work in the IETF SUPA BOF is of similar
  scope.  Juan Carlos Zuniga replied that the work is probably more of a
  match than an overlap; the 802 work will highlight the different
  protocols to be used, but will not define any policies.

 Item 19. Common OAM proposal / Layer Independent OAM

  Dan Romascanu reported that once the TRILL and LIME documents reach
  Last Call, they will be sent for review and comment to 802.1. TRILL
  has completed their work on the OAM, and is now working on a MIB model
  and a YANG model. LIME is still working to adopt their first WG

 Item 21. 6tsch

  Brian Haberman reported via email that the 6tisch architecture
  document is getting close to IETF Last Call.

  The group agreed that there was no need for a formal liaison
  relationship between 6TISCH and IEEE 802.15.4.  This item will be

 Item 22. CAPWAP extensions in OPSAWG

  Benoit Claise reported that RFC 7494, IEEE 802.11 Medium Access
  Control (MAC) Profile for Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access
  Points (CAPWAP), has been published. A second document on the OPSAWG
  CAPWAP tunnel is nearly ready for Working Group Last Call; he will let
  802.11 know when that is done.

 Item 23. Naming in layer 2 networks

  The group agreed to close this item.

 Item 24. Coordination between the IETF and IEEE 802 on Pervasive

  Dan Romascanu noted that the IEEE has a PAR on this; there is nothing
  else to report at this time.  Juan Carlos Zuniga will send an email to
  the coordination list with the details for the next Privacy SG

 Item 25. Layer2/Layer 3 Interaction for Time-Sensitive Traffic

  This item was covered in the discussion about the DETNET BOF.

 Item 26. IS-IS extensions for IEEE 802.1Qca

  Dan Romascanu reported that a couple of documents that had been stuck
  with dependencies on code points have just come unstuck. Glenn Parsons
  added that they are planning to proceed with an IETF RFC for the code
  points as well as the 802.1q amendment. Alia Atlas noted that the
  exert review had been done and that the code points have been
  allocated, so this should be able to proceed.

 Item 27. Development of YANG models in the IEEE 802

  Dan Romascanu reported that there will be a YANG advice session on the
  Sunday prior to IETF 93.

  Marc Holness reported that the PARs and CSD work products are being
  submitted for consideration at the July 802 plenary.

7. Review of Action Items

  - Juan Carlos Zuniga to send mail to the coordination list about the
    next Privacy SG meeting. [DONE]

  - Benoit Claise to put the YANG doctors in touch with Marc Holness
    regarding shared item 27.

  - Dan Romascanu to send out a Doodle poll to schedule the next