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2018-02-12: Minutes

Meeting Slides IETF-IEEE (ietfieee) IAB ASG
Date and time 2021-12-31 23:00
Title 2018-02-12: Minutes
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IAB, IESG and IEEE 802 Executive Committee
Minutes of the 12 February 2018 Teleconference

Reported by: Cindy Morgan (IAB Executive Administrative Manager)

- Deborah Brungard
- Spencer Dawkins
- Normal Finn
- Bob Grow
- Jodi Haasz	
- Ted Hardie 
- Bob Heile
- Russ Housley 
- Warren Kumari 
- Roger Marks
- Cindy Morgan 	
- Paul Nikolich
- Alvaro Retana
- Jon Rosdahl
- Dan Romascanu
- Melinda Shore (?)
- Dorothy Stanley
- Pascal Thubert
- Bernie Volz
- Robert Wilton


1.  Roll Call and Agenda Bashing

2.  Action Items

  - In Progress
    o None

  - New
    o None

3.  March 2018 meetings:

3.1. IETF BOFs that may be relevant to IEEE 802 

  - IASA 2.0 (IASA20)

  - Identifier Locator Addressing (ILA)

  - Common Operations and Management on network Slices (COMS) 

  Russ Housley noted that this may be of interest those working on 
  operations and management in 802.1; there are YANG models associated 
  with the work.

  - Routing In Fat Trees (RIFT)

  RIFT was approved as a Working Group on 8 February 2018.

  - Link State Vector Routing (LSVR)

  - EAP Method Update (EMU) 

  The EMU WG had previously closed, and is in the process of chartering 
  to reopen the WG. This work may be of interest to 802.1X.

  - Trusted Execution Environment Provisioning (TEEP) 

  Russ Housley noted that this has some overlap with the recently-
  chartered SUIT WG. 

  - Security Dispatch (SECDISPATCH)

  - Messaging Layer Security (MLS) 

  Russ Housley reported that MLS will look at unique key management 

3.2. IEEE 802 PARs that may be relevant to IETF

  - P802.1CBcv - Amendment: Information Model, YANG Data Model and 
    Management Information Base Module

  Paul Nikolich noted that P802.1CBcv will use open source, which is new 
  for 802.

  - 802.1DC - Standard for Quality of Service Provision by Network 

  - 802.1CBdb -  Amendment: Extended Stream Identification Functions

  - 802.1Qcz - Amendment: Congestion Isolation

  Spencer Dawkins reported that there will be a brief update on 802.1Qcz 
  during the TSVAREA meeting at IETF 101, as well as a more technical 
  discussion on the topic during the ICCRG meeting at IETF 101.

  - P60802 - Standard:  Time-Sensitive Networking Profile for Industrial 

  Paul Nikolich reported that P60802 will be a collaboration with IEC; 
  this will be the first time they have collaborated with them on a 
  standard. Russ Housley asked how the approval process will work for 
  the joint standard. Paul replied that they have set up a detailed 
  inter-group process and will be developing drafts in parallel.

  Spencer Dawkins asked if this work would be closely tied with the work 
  happening in the DETNET WG. Norman Finn replied that the work will be 
  of interest to DETNET as well as 801.1DC. Deborah Brungard noted that 
  DETNET already reflects this in their requirements. 

  - 802.3cg, Amendment: 10 Mb/s Operation over Single Balanced Twisted-
    pair Cabling and Associated Power Delivery, PAR Modification and CSD 

  - 802.3ck - Amendment: 100 Gb/s Signaling 

  - 802.3cm - Amendment: 400Gb/s over MMF 

  - 802.11bb - Amendment:  Light Communications (LC) 

  - 802.15.4w - Amendment: LPWA (Low Power  Wide Area) 

  Bob Heile noted that the 802.15.4w amendment focuses on enhancements 
  to low-power critical devices and may be of interest to the LPWAN WG.

  - 802.15.4x - Amendment: FANE (Field Area Network Enhancements) 

  - 802.15.4y - Amendment: SECN (Security Next Generation) 

  - 802.15.4z - Amendment: EIR (Enhanced IR-UWB Ranging) 

  - 802.22.3 - Standard: Spectrum Characterization and Occupancy 
    Sensing , PAR Modification, PAR Extension, and CSD

  In addition to the PARs, Dorothy Stanley reported that the IEEE 802.11
  BroadCast Services (BCS) Study Group is proposed for approval in 
  March; the document outlining the motivation for the Study Group is 
  available at
  broadcast-service-on-wlan.pptx. A Pre-Study Group activity, a Topic 
  Interest Group investigating the technical feasibility of Full Duplex 
  operation was recently formed, and will be active through the 
  September 2018 meeting.

  Bob Grow added that there is a call for interest on forming a Study 
  Group on Bidirectional 10Gb/s and 25Gb/s optical access PHYs.

4. Areas of shared interest between the IETF and IEEE 802


  - Item 3. IETF NVO3 and IEEE 802.1 DCB

  Russ Housley noted that this is waiting on the IEEE 802.1Qcy document 
  to be sent to the IETF for review once it is stable.

  - Item 5. Enabling use of Local Addresses for virtualization and IoT

  Bernie Volz reported that he and Tomek Mrugalski intend to submit a 
  draft outlining how to use DHCPv6 to get a MAC address as well as an 
  IPv6 address before the IETF 101 draft submission deadline. The draft 
  will be discussed in the DHC WG.

  Russ Housley asked Bernie Volz to send him a pointer to the draft once 
  it has been uploaded, so that it can be tracked on the shared items 

  - Item 11. IETF and IEEE 802.1 OmniRAN TG

  Russ Housley noted that this is waiting for the 802.1CF document to be 
  sent to the IETF for review once it is stable.

  - Item 21. 6tisch

  Russ Housley reported that the 6TISCH WG and 802.15 have been sharing 
  information informally. Pascal Thubert reported that the 6TISCH 
  document is almost ready to go to the IESG. Russ asked Pascal to send 
  him a one-line status update to be added to the shared items list.

  - Item 22. CAPWAP extensions in OPSAWG

  Warren Kumari reported that draft-ietf-opsawg-capwap-alt-tunnel has 
  been approved by the IESG and submitted to the RFC Editor for 

  This item will be closed.

  - Item 24. Coordination between the IETF and IEEE 802 on Pervasive 

  Dorothy Stanley reported that progress in 802E has been slow, and that 
  Juan-Carlos Zuniga is trying to accelerate things.

  - Item 25. Layer2/Layer 3 Interaction for Time-Sensitive Traffic

  Russ Housley noted that there is an open action to make sure that the 
  relevant documents are circulated between 802.1 and the DETNET WG at 
  balloting and Last Call milestones, but that neither of those things 
  have happened yet.

  - Item 27. Development of YANG models in the IEEE 802

  Bob Grow reported that there has not been much progress made on this 
  in the IEEE RAC. 802.1 is looking at automated tools to produce YANG 
  models, but they still do not have a viable approach to come up with 
  friendly names. Warren Kumari agreed to carry that message back to 
  Benoit Claise and Ignas Bagdonas.

  - Item 30. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

  Russ Housley reported that draft-ietf-ipwave-ipv6-over-80211ocb has 
  completed Working Group Last Call. Comments received during the
  Working Group Last Call are being addressed, and this should be
  sent to the IESG soon.

5. AOB

  There was no other business and the meeting was adjourned.