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2018-06-28: Minutes

Meeting Slides IETF-IEEE (ietfieee) IAB ASG
Date and time 2021-12-31 23:00
Title 2018-06-28: Minutes
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Minutes of the 2018-06-27 IETF-IEEE 802 Coordination Teleconference


- Amelia Andersdotter
- Deborah Brungard
- Alissa Cooper
- Donald Eastlake
- Norman Finn
- Bob Grow
- Bob Heile
- Suresh Krishnan
- Jodi Haasz
- Ted Hardie
- Russ Housley
- Roger Marks
- John Messenger
- Cindy Morgan
- Paul Nikolich
- Jon Rosdahl
- Dorothy Stanley
- Pascal Thubert

Agenda items:
1.  Welcome, roll call, agenda bashing

  John Messenger asked if there was anything on the agenda to discuss 
  the potential joint workshop between IETF DetNet and 802.1. Russ 
  Housley replied that the topic would be covered under the DetNet item 
  during the "Review current coordination items" topic.

2. Action item updates

  - In Progress
    o None

  - New

    o Bob Heile to send a short description of 802's LPA project with 
      pointers to Russ Housley for inclusion in the coordination list. 
    o Russ Housley and Dorothy Stanley to send out a Doodle poll to 
      schedule the next coordination group call during the latter half 
      of September 2018.

3. IETF new work summary 

  - Internationalization Review Procedures (I18NRP)

  Russ Housley reported that this is about reviewing support for non-
  ASCII character sets.

  - The label "RFC" (RFCplusplus)

  Russ Housley reported that this BOF is about whether "RFC" is the best 
  label for the documents the IETF produces. Alissa Cooper added that 
  part of the discussion is about whether people are confused that there 
  are multiple types of documents published in the RFC series. She said 
  that it would be helpful to have the perspective of people who 
  participate in other standards bodies besides the IETF at the BOF.

  - DNS Resolver Identification and Use (DRIU)

  Russ Housley explained that this BOF would discuss how to identify 
  resolvers from protocols like DHCP and DHCPv6.

4. 802 New Work summary 

  - 802.1Qcr - Amendment: Asynchronous Traffic Shaping

  John Messenger explained that this was a PAR modification to bring end 
  stations, requirements that don't synchronize on time elements, and 
  managed objects in YANG into the scope.

  - 802.1Qcz - Amendment: Congestion Isolation

  John Messenger reported that this PAR relates to congestion isolation 
  and mitigating some of the damage done by head-of-line blocking.

  - 802.1Qdd – Amendment: Resource Allocation Protocol

  John Messenger reported that this is a successor to MRP, and is about 
  the reservation protocol and some of the signaling mechanisms to allow 
  synchronization of databases to increase the number of conversations 
  in a TSN network.

  - 802.3cn - Amendment: 50 Gb/s, 100 Gb/s, 200 Gb/s, and 400 Gb/s 
    Operation over Single-Mode Fiber and DWDM (dense wavelength division 
    multiplexing) systems

  Dorothy Stanley reported that this PAR addresses single-mode fiber and 
  DWDM. The primary objective is to look at the need to provide 
  additional bandwidth and range for applications.

  - 802.11ax - Amendment: High Efficiency WLAN

  Dorothy Stanley explained that this is just a time extension proposal 
  for an existing PAR.

5. Review current coordination items

  - Item 3. IETF NVO3 and IEEE 802.1 DCB

  Russ Housley reported that the work in 802.1 has moved to the TSN task 
  group, and there are no open items for coordination at the moment. 
  John Messenger added that 802.1Qcy is in sponsor ballot and is 
  expected to be finished before the end of the year.

  John Messenger will send updated links for the 802.1Qcy documents to 
  Russ Housley for inclusion in the coordination document. 

  - Item 5. Enabling use of Local Addresses for virtualization and IoT 

  Russ Housley reported that it was previously reported that draft-bvtm-
  dhc-mac-assign will be coordinated once it was available. A 
  presentation on the document was given to the OmniRAN TG in May.

  - Item 11. IETF and IEEE 802.1 OmniRAN TG

  Russ Housley reported that 802.1cf will be shared once it is stable, 
  likely within the next month. John Messenger responded that it a bit 
  behind the anticipated schedule, as it has not yet gone to sponsor 
  ballot. John will follow up to make sure the document is shared once 
  it is stable. 

  - Item 21. 6tisch

  Suresh Krishnan reported that draft-ietf-6tisch-6top-protocol is in 
  IESG Evaluation with one Discuss left to resolve. He is following up 
  with the Security ADs to see if the newest revision resolves that 

  - Item 22. CAPWAP extensions in OPSAWG

  This item was closed with the publication of RFC 8350.

  - Item 24. Coordination between the IETF and IEEE 802 on Pervasive 

  Russ Housley reported that information about 802E will be shared with 
  the IAB Privacy and Security Program once the document is stable, 
  which is likely to be in July 2018.

  - Item 25. Layer2/Layer 3 Interaction for Time-Sensitive Traffic

  Russ Housley reported that there will be joint meeting between IETF 
  DetNet and IEEE 802.1 in Bangkok in November 2018.

  Deborah Brungard reported that David Black is the new Transport 
  advisor for the DetNet WG. The problem statement document has finished 
  Working Group Last Call, and the use cases document is currently in 
  Working Group Last Call. Deborah will let everyone know once the 
  documents go out for IETF Last Call.

  - Item 27. Development of YANG models in the IEEE 802

  Russ Housley reported that the IETF was encouraging the IEEE to 
  contribute to the YANG catalog, and is still hoping that the RAC will 
  contribute a YANG module for ethertypes.

  John Messenger reported that the YANG modules for 802.1Q have been 
  approved as 802-1Qcp. John will send a list of 802's current YANG 
  projects to Russ Housley for inclusion in the coordination list. 

  - Item 30. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

  Russ Housley reported that draft-ietf-ipwave-ipv6-over-80211ocb is 
  currently in Working Group Last Call. There is one open issue related 
  to neighbor discovery to sort out, and once that is done, the document 
  will be sent to the IESG. They are hoping to get it sorted out during 
  the IPWAVE WG meeting in Montreal.

  - New Areas

  Bob Heile suggested that a new item on 802's LPA project might need to 
  be coordinated with the IETF's LPWAN WG. Bob will send a short 
  description of the project with pointers to the documents to Russ 
  Housley for inclusion in the coordination list. 

6. Assess need for Montreal breakfast meeting

  The group agreed that they did not need to hold a breakfast meeting 
  during IETF 102 in Montreal.

7. Next meetings

  Russ Housley noted that the next conference call would be around 
  September 2018. Paul Nikolich said that it would be better if the call 
  was after the IEEE 802 interim meeting September 9-14. Russ and 
  Dorothy Stanley will send out a Doodle poll to schedule the next 
  coordination group call during the latter half of September 2018.

8. Adjourn