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2018-09-27: Minutes

Meeting Slides IETF-IEEE (ietfieee) IAB ASG
Date and time 2021-12-31 23:00
Title 2018-09-27: Minutes
State Active
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Last updated 2022-06-10

Minutes of the 2018-09-27 IETF-IEEE 802 Coordination Teleconference


- Donald Eastlake
- Bob Grow
- Jodi Haasz
- Ted Hardie
- Pat Kinney
- Suresh Krishnan
- Ted Hardie
- Russ Housley
- Scott Mansfield
- Roger Marks
- Cindy Morgan
- Paul Nikolich
- Erik Nordmark
- Alvaro Retana
- Max Riegel
- Jon Rosdahl
- Dorothy Stanley
- Jeff Tantsura
- Pat Thaler
- Pascal Thubert
- Peter Yee
- Juan Carlos Zuniga
1.  Welcome, roll call, agenda bashing

  Russ Housley welcomed everyone to the call. No new items were added to 
  the agenda.

2. Action item updates

  - Done
    o Russ Housley and Dorothy Stanley to send out a Doodle poll to 
      schedule the next coordination group call during the latter half 
      of September 2018.

  - In Progress
    o Bob Heile to send a short description of 802's LPA project with 
      pointers to Russ Housley for inclusion in the coordination list.

  - New
    o Russ Housley and Dorothy Stanley to draft agendas for each of the 
      joint events in Bangkok and try to get a sense of the attendees 
      required for each topic.

    o Cindy Morgan to look for a breakfast slot for the group during the 
      IETF week and report back. 

3. IETF new work summary 

  - WGs Using GitHub (WUGH)

  Russ Housley reported that the IETF's use of GitHub continues to grow. 
  This BOF will look at whether there is support in the community to 
  warrant more detailed discussions with the IETF Tools Team and the 
  IETF Secretariat about the functional requirements and process details 
  needed to support integrating GitHub use into WG work.

  - Remote ATtestation ProcedureS (RATS) 

  Russ Housley reported that this is a WG-forming BOF on secure and 
  resilient network protocols to convey attestation evidence in order to 
  establish trust.

4. 802 New Work summary 

  Dorothy Stanley noted that the PAR webpage has not been updated since 
  802's July meeting, as their submission deadline is still a few weeks 

  Potential upcoming work in IEEE 802 includes:

  - 802.11 Task Group on broadcast services
  - 802.3 industry connections activity for new ethernet applications
  - 802.3ca PAR modification and extension request to remove 100 Gb/s 
  - 802.3cs PAR on increased reach for optical subscriber action
  - 802.22 PAR extension on TD whitespace
  - 802.22.3 spectrum-sensing PAR

  Dorothy Stanley will send out details on all of these as they become 

5. Review current coordination items

  - Item 3. IETF NVO3 and IEEE 802.1 DCB

  Dorothy Stanley reported that 802.1Qcy is still in sponsor ballot.

  - Item 5. Enabling use of Local Addresses for virtualization and IoT 

  Suresh Krishnan said that there has not been any progress on this 
  since July, but that he will keep the group posted.

  - Item 11. IETF and IEEE 802.1 OmniRAN TG

  Roger Marks noted that the OmniRAN TG is now also responsible for 
  802.1CQ (see item 5).

  Dorothy Stanley reported that the current draft of P802.1CF is 
  available at <>.  Max Riegel has 
  an action to send an email to the coordination list with the current 
  status. Dorothy will ask Max if there are also updated versions of the 
  other documents. 

  - Item 21. 6tisch

  Pascal Thubert reported that draft-ietf-6tisch-6top-protocol is 
  currently in the RFC Editor Queue.

  Russ Housley asked if further coordination was needed with 802.15. 
  Pascal Thubert replied that once the RFC is published they will need 
  to talk about how to get the work to 802.15.12.

  - Item 24. Coordination between the IETF and IEEE 802 on Pervasive 

  Juan Carlos Zuniga reported that the 802E document is now version 1.1. 
  The chair of the 802.1 Security Task Group plans to go through the 
  comments during their November meeting. Juan Carlos will send a 
  pointer to the document once the comments from the WG ballot are 
  resolved, hopefully by the end of the year.

  - Item 25. Layer2/Layer 3 Interaction for Time-Sensitive Traffic

  There will be an all-day meeting in Bangkok to discuss this topic 
  between 802.1 and the DetNet WG.

  - Item 27. Development of YANG models in the IEEE 802

  Friendly names for ethertypes remains a point of concern. Suresh 
  Krishnan reported that draft-ietf-netmod-acl-model is currently in 
  IESG Evaluation, and asked Bob Grow to forward it to the RAC.

  Dorothy Stanley said that the RAC and the 802 Yangsters group would 
  review draft-ietf-netmod-acl-model and send comments back (or an 
  acknowledgement if there are no comments).

  - Item 30. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

  Dorothy Stanley reported that the V2X work is up for consideration in 
  802.11 in November. She will send a link to the current PAR and CSD 
  once they are approved.

  Russ Housley reported that the OCB work is working to resolve an issue 
  in the document related to neighbor discovery.

  - New items

  Dorothy Stanley noted that Bob Heile still has an action from the 
  previous meeting to send a short description of 802's LPA project to 
  Russ Housley for inclusion in the coordination list.

  Dorothy Stanley reported that 802 has formed a real-time application 
  interest group <> 
  focused on gaming and asked if this would require coordination.

  Russ Housley replied that the IETF had a WG that did some work on 
  multiparty gaming protocols, but they never published any RFCs, and 
  the IETF doesn't have anyone working on the now except the ART Area as 
  a whole.

6. Meetings in Bangkok

  Russ Housley asked if the coordination group needs to have a breakfast 
  meeting during the IETF week, given the joint activities planned for 
  the following weekend.

  Ted Hardie noted that some people from the IETF side will not be able 
  to stay for the weekend, and suggested that a breakfast might be 
  useful, depending on the agenda topics.

  Russ Housley and Dorothy Stanley will draft agendas for each of the 
  events and try to get a sense of the attendees required for each 

  Cindy Morgan will look for a breakfast slot for the group during the 
  IETF week and report back. 

  Jon Rosdahl asked those planning to stay for the weekend to register 
  at <> 
  so that the meeting planners can plan the space and catering 

7. Adjourn