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Meeting Slides RFC Series Oversight Committee (RSOC) (rfcedprog) IAB ASG
Date and time 2022-01-01 11:00
Title 2013-06-19-rsoc-minutes
State Active
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Last updated 2022-06-10

Minutes of the June 19, 2013 IESG Teleconference

Reported by: Cindy Morgan, IETF Secretariat

Bernard Aboba
Fred Baker, RSOC Chair
Nevil Brownlee
Heather Flanagan, RFC Series Editor
Joel Halpern
Bob Hinden
Ole Jacobsen
John Klensin
Alexey Melnikov
Cindy Morgan, Scribe
Ray Pelletier, IAOC Liaison

Olaf Kolkman


0. Agenda Bash

Several items were added to the agenda under "AOB."

1. Minutes discussion / approval

The minutes of the 15 May 2013 RSOC meeting were approved.  The minutes 
will be posted on the IAB website.

2. New Streams

Heather Flanagan reported that she attended the recent REFEDS meeting.  
At that meeting, she told REFEDS that adding a new RFC Stream for them 
is still under significant discussion, and that anything being held off 
in the meantime can be submitted through the Independent Stream.  
Heather noted she expects people from REFEDS to attend IETF 87 in 

Heather Flanagan reported that a similar request for a new Stream was 
received from the OpenID Forum, and that she is waiting for a response 
back to the questions she sent them.

Nevil Brownlee currently holds the pen on a document outlining the 
current status of new proposed streams.

3. Style Guide

Heather Flanagan reported that work on the RFC Style Guide continues, 
and that an updated internet-draft is expected by the end of June.  
Heather expects the Style Guide to be a topic of discussion at the RSAG 
meeting in Berlin.

4. RPC and Publisher contract 

Heather Flanagan reported that the RPC and Publisher selection committee 
has been active over email and has been holding regular conference 
calls.  The committee aims to have a recommendation by the end of the 

5. RSOC Procedures update and Chair description

The committee discussed the current drafts of the RSOC Procedures and 
the RSOC Chair description.  The committee agreed to merge those 
documents into one; Fred Baker will update the document accordingly and 
send a new version out to the committee for review in the next couple of 

The committee discussed the ultimate destination for the RSOC 
procedures, and whether they would be published as an RFC or posted on a 
website.  The committee did not reach a conclusion, and agreed to defer 
further discussion until after the procedures themselves are closer to 
being finalized.

6. Upcoming meetings
   a. RSOC call, 10 July 2013

Heather Flanagan noted that there are several projects (RSOC Procedures,  
Style Guide) that should ideally be concluded before the RSOC retreat in 
Berlin, and as such the next RSOC teleconference will be held on 10 July 
2013.  Heather plans to have a tentative agenda out to the committee for 
review in the next week or so.

   b. IETF 87 (July 2013) - Agenda Bash

Heather Flanagan plans to have a tentative agenda for the RSOC Retreat 
at IETF 87 out to the committee for review in the next week or so.
7. AOB

- Retreat Timing

Bob Hinden requested that the half-day retreat in Berlin be held in the 
morning.  After discussion, the committee agreed to hold the meeting in 
the afternoon as originally planned in order to accommodate people 
flying in that morning, and to allow more potential time later in the 
afternoon if the session runs long.

- May RFC Editor Report

John Klensin noted that Ray Pelletier was accidentally omitted from the 
list of people on the RPC and Publisher Selection Committee in the RSE 
report submitted to the IAB for May 2013.  Heather Flanagan will amend 
the report accordingly.


Heather Flanagan noted that there is an unresolved disagreement 
regarding the SOW to work on the specification for the tools to allow 
for new RFC formats.  Heather has feedback from John Klensin and Bob 
Hinden, and will send an updated SOW to the committee in the next few 
days.  Heather reminded the committee that this is a contentious issue, 
and then explicit input from committee members would be greatly 
appreciated.  She is hoping to have this resolved before the next RSOC 
teleconference on 10 July 2013.

- XX99 and XX00 series

The committee discussed the retirement of the XX00 (Internet Official 
Protocol Standards) and XX99 (Request for Comments Summary) RFC series.  
The committee has questions about how to handle this process; Heather 
Flanagan will solicit input and report back to the committee.