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Meeting Slides RFC Series Oversight Committee (RSOC) (rfcedprog) IAB ASG
Date and time 2022-01-01 11:00
Title 2013-10-09-rsoc-minutes
State Active
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Last updated 2022-06-10

Minutes of the October 9, 2013 RSOC Teleconference

Reported by: Cindy Morgan, IETF Secretariat

 Bernard Aboba
 Nevil Brownlee
 Heather Flanagan, RFC Series Editor
 Tony Hansen
 Joe Hildebrand
 Alexey Melnikov, RSOC Chair
 Cindy Morgan, Scribe
 Ray Pelletier, IAOC Liaison

 Joel Halpern
 Bob Hinden


1. Minutes discussion / approval

The minutes of the 12 September 2013 RSOC Teleconference were approved 
and will be posted on the IAB website.

2. Updates

2.1. RPC and Publisher SoW

Heather Flanagan reported that the RPC and Publisher Statements of Work 
are now complete, and that Ray Pelletier is adding them to the contract.  
Once this is complete, they will be posted to the IAOC website at

2.2. RPC and Publisher split

Heather Flanagan reported that delays in getting the proper circuits 
installed for the IETF server co-location project have caused a ripple 
effect that have delayed work on splitting the RPC and Publisher server.  
Heather is continuing to monitor the progress of this issue.

2.3. RFC Format Design Team 

Heather Flanagan reported that the RFC Format Design Team continues to 
meet regularly, and has had many discussions regarding 
internationalization, UTF-8, and the text format.  Heather has been 
looking at how the W3C solved this problem, and hopes to have consensus 
in the design team soon.

The current goal is to have the requirements and a prototype of the HTML 
format in time for the rfcformat BOF in Vancouver.

2.4. High level report out from Face-to-face meeting with Sandy, Alice,
     and Lisa (AMS)

Heather Flanagan reported that she met face-to-face with Sandy Ginoza, 
Alice Russo, and Lisa Winkler from the RPC.  The discussions included 
production center goals, preparing editors for the format shift, and 
updating the procedures manual.  They also discussed the style guide and 
updates to the RFC Editor website.

3. RFC Editor Liaison Reports to the IAB

Heather Flanagan asked the RSOC who should deliver the RFC Editor 
Liaison reports to the IAB.  Currently, Heather has been working with 
the RPC and RSOC Chair to pull together the data, and then sending the 
report directly to the IAB, the RSOC, and the RFC Editor.  The RSOC 
agreed that this process was working and that Heather should continue to 
be the one who sends out the reports.

4. Operational sanity check

Heather Flanagan reported that the September publication rate met the 
SLA at 91%; the SLA has been met every month so far this year with the 
exception of May.  Heather noted that each year sometime between April 
and June, there is a surge of documents for the publication center as 
they process documents that were approved by the IESG right before the 
leadership changeover happens in March.

Tony Hansen asked if the SLA should be adjusted, since that surge is 
expected.  Heather Flanagan replied that SLA was written to track things 
by year, rather than by month, and that not meeting the SLA level during 
the month when the surge happens generally does not prevent the SLA from 
being met for the total year.  Tony asked if an SLA year-to-date 
component could be added to the report to give a better picture; Heather 
replied that she would look into that.

Heather Flanagan noted that with the large turnover in Working Groups 
recently, fewer documents have been approved.  She expects that to 
change in 12-18 months as the new Working Groups begin publishing their