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Meeting Slides RFC Series Oversight Committee (RSOC) (rfcedprog) IAB ASG
Title 2014-03-06-rsoc-minutes
State Active
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Last updated 2022-06-10

March 6, 2014 Lunch

Reported by: Cindy Morgan, IETF Secretariat

Nevil Brownlee
Heather Flanagan, RFC Series Editor
Joel Halpern
Tony Hansen
Joe Hildebrand
Bob Hinden
Alexey Melnikov, RSOC Chair
Cindy Morgan, Scribe
Ray Pelletier, IAOC Liaison

Bernard Aboba

Sandy Ginoza
Alice Russo


0. Agenda Bash

1. RFC Editor website demo

  Sandy Ginoza and Alice Russo from the RFC Production Center gave a 
  brief walk-through of the new RFC Editor website.  The RSOC provided 
  feedback designed to improve the new site's functionality.

2. Read out on the RFC Format BOF

  Heather Flanagan reported on the outcome of the RFC Format BOF at IETF 
  89, noting that people seem comfortable with the direction things are 
  moving.  Feedback from the session indicated a desire to look at how 
  the library and publishing industries handle bibliographies and IDNs 
  in email addresses; John Klensin will be following up on the question 
  with the IAB's Internationalization Program.  Heather now believes 
  that the target dates for use of non-ascii characters in RFCs may be 
  on the aggressive side, but she still hopes to have the list of tools 
  that will need Statements of Work ready for the Tools Team to discuss 
  within the next couple of months.

3. 2014 Priorities for the RPC

  The RSOC reviewed the RFC Production Center's priorities for 2014.  
  Joel Halpern noted that one of the RPC's previous goals was having 
  accurate, documented procedures in place; Heather Flanagan reported 
  that the procedures were done and that she had reviewed them.  

  Heather Flanagan stated that the primary RPC goal is the publication 
  of documents.  Other goals include the completion of the new RFC 
  Editor website, improving the statistics and metrics reporting, and 
  preparing for the RFC format changes.  The upcoming RFC format changes 
  will require training for the editor and outreach to authors on the 
  new tools. Other projects inched this assignment of Digital Object 
  Identifiers to both past and future RFCs, and sorting out the RFC 
  10000 issue.

4. RSE External Outreach

  Heather Flanagan reported on her external outreach activities as RSE.  
  She reported that she will attend the STM Association conference in 
  April; she is also planning to participate in the Special Libraries 
  Association and write an article for the IETF Journal.