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Meeting Slides RFC Series Oversight Committee (RSOC) (rfcedprog) IAB ASG
Title 2014-04-09-rsoc-minutes
State Active
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Last updated 2022-06-10

April 9, 2014 Teleconference
Reported by: Naveen Khan, IETF Secretariat


    Joe Hildebrand
    Alexey Melnikov (Chair)
    Heather Flanagan (RSE, non-voting)
    Ray Pelletier (IAOC Liaison, non-voting)
    Nevil Brownlee
    Tony Hansen
    Naveen Khan (Scribe)


    Bob Hinden
    Joel Halpern (Lead)
    Cindy Morgan (Scribe)


0. Agenda Bash

1. Minutes discussion / approval

The minutes from the 12 February 2014 and the 6 March 2014 meetings were 

2. Status of the RPC

2. 1 Publication

Heather Flanagan reported that the RPC did not hit the SLA mark again in 
March 2014. Looking back at the last 12 months, the RSOC is still 
meeting the SLA overall. April is expected to be a very big publication 
month, with 10 documents already having been published, and about two 
dozen documents in AUTH48.

2.2 Linda Butler

Heather Flanagan reported that Linda Butler from the RPC passed away on 
April 7.  It has been a blow to the RPC at many levels to have lost 
Linda, who was with the RPC for two and a half years.  She went on 
disability just after Heather submitted the request for funding for a 
temporary surge in editor staff.  The RPC had immediately started 
searching for candidates when the funding request was approved, and now 
have 2-3 good candidates. The RPC has been interviewing candidates to 
bring staffing up to expected levels. A donation is being arranged to 
the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in Linda's memory.

3. Style Guide

Heather Flanagan reported that the Style Guide has now been through both 
the IAB comment period and the Community comment period. Reaching 
consensus on the draft is a desirable goal.  Heather has captured the 
issues from the wide-ranging discussion on the RFC-interest list onto a 
spreadsheet, which was sent to the RSOC last week.  The v2 draft is 
ready to go; changes have been made around the URI and reference area, 
with particular focus on the errata system, after some discussion with 
Russ Housley.  V2 of the draft will be posted, and the RSOC will be 
given the next 10 days to look at it and come back with questions, 
comments or concerns. The RSOC will then decide whether to endorse the 
document, and if yes,  the IAB will be sent the draft for comments 

4. Update on Format and spinning up Tools Team involvement

4.1  v2 & v3 Update

Heather Flanagan reported that the v2 XML doc is largely done. The v3 
doc needs some clarification, and has undergone an early Gen-ART review. 
The publication format drafts are all actively being worked on, and 
Nevil Brownlee has the SVG draft under control. Heather has discussed 
next steps with Robert Sparks, Henrik Levkowetz, and Julian Reschke on 
testing out the drafts to see if any of it is implementable. Heather has 
put together the start of a roadmap for what needs prototyping, and is 
working with Robert to socialize that with the Tools Team. The next 
steps for this draft will be a part of next week’s design team call.

4.2 Draft Stream

Heather Flanagan asked if this will be an IAB draft. Joe Hildebrand and 
Alexey Melnikov confirmed that it should be. Joe reported that the IAB 
does want to open up liaison work with internet-drafts. Joe posed the 
questions: who owns internet-drafts, who regulates the take-down of 
drafts, and who decides what format goes on the submission page? Heather 
will send these questions to the IAB list.


5.1 RSOC Retreat Planning

The RSOC discussed holding a retreat on the Saturday before IETF 90.  
Heather Flanagan suggested this date should remain tentative until the 
new RSOC appointment has been made, to see if the new member can make 
that date as well.  Heather suggested that a Doodle poll be sent out 
after the new RSOC appointment to schedule the retreat.

5.2 RSOC Nominations

Heather Flanagan reported that members of this group should provide 
names and feedback for RSOC nominations, according to the nominations 
email sent by Russ Housley.

5.3 Retreat Topics

   - Current topics include:
     a. Selection of the RSOC chair
     b. RSE Evaluation
     c. ISOC, the IETF, the RFC Series, and marketing/branding
     d. Succession planning for the RSE role
     e. Planning for 2015-2018

Alexey Melnikov may add topics at a later date.

6. A.O.B.

6.1 Digital Preservation Policy

Heather Flanagan reported that she is working on the Digital 
Preservation Policy, which is still in draft form. Heather will send it 
to the RSOC list, so others can take a look at it.

6.2 IETF Journal

Heather Flanagan plans on finishing her article for the IETF Journal 
within the next few days, and to have it ready by May 30 for the July 

6.3 International Association of STM Publishers Conference and Workshop

Heather Flanagan, Sandy Ginoza, and Alice Russo will attend the 
International Association of STM Publishers Conference and Workshop at 
the end of April.  During the conference, the RPC will have a meeting to 
discuss what else the RPC would like to do, if resources were not an 
issue.  That topic may also be discussed during the RSOC retreat.