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Meeting Slides RFC Series Oversight Committee (RSOC) (rfcedprog) IAB ASG
Title 2014-06-11-rsoc-minutes
State Active
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Last updated 2022-06-10

June 11, 2014 Teleconference
Reported by: Naveen Khan, IETF Secretariat


    Nevil Brownlee
    Heather Flanagan (RSE, non-voting)
    Joel Halpern (IAB Lead)
    Tony Hansen
    Joe Hildebrand
    Bob Hinden
    Naveen Khan (Scribe)
    Alexey Melnikov (Chair)
    Ray Pelletier (IAOC Liaison, non-voting)
    Robert Sparks


    Sarah Banks


0. Agenda Bash

1. Minutes discussion / approval

The minutes from the 14 May 2014 meeting were approved.

2. Administrivia

Heather Flanagan will be in Oregon at the end of June, but will be 
attending necessary meetings during this time.

3. Status of the RPC

Heather Flanagan reported that the RPC will not meet the SLA mark this 
month, with 67% of the documents edited in 6 weeks or less. Starting in 
July, the pace should return to what it should be.

The status report can be found at

3.1. New Editor

Heather Flanagan reported that interviews are underway to find an 
additional part-time editor for the RPC. Training of the editor who was 
hired in May is going very well.

4. RSE Updates

4.1. Miscellaneous, backburner, and lower priority projects that 

4.1.1.	Errata Process

Heather Flanagan, Sandy Ginoza, Alice Russo and Robert Sparks will 
discuss keeping the types of errata separate at IETF 90.

4.1.2. Author Support

Joe Hildebrand mentioned that the IESG is wondering what more can be 
done in terms of author support, (i.e. is there a need for more funding 
and resources). Heather Flanagan replied that since this is a systemic 
issue, WG Chairs should also be involved in this conversation, and she 
will discuss this with them at the WG Chairs lunch at IETF 90. Joe 
suggested the RPC take this on for the purpose of leadership, not for 
ownership. Robert Sparks mentioned past ideas that have included 
workshops during, and in between, IETF meetings, and having scheduled 
time for people to come in at a help desk. Joe suggested having a 
technical editor come in and do some (paid) consulting work at editing. 
Heather noted that all of the RFC editors come to one IETF meeting each 
year, and this would be a good opportunity to have individuals sign up 
for one-on-one sessions with the editors. Heather also suggested 
starting a mailing list just for people to submit questions and comments 
about the clarity of writing. It was decided that Heather should spend a 
few cycles on this issue, and that additional funding and resources 
should be allocated to this project if needed. Robert suggested this 
should be a project that is incubated by the RSE, but should not be a 
long-term standing project.

4.1.3. Scholarly Reputation

Heather Flanagan reported that changes and additions had to be made to 
the meta data for RFCs to get properly indexed in Google Scholar. This 
work is now completed, and Alice Russo will send a note to Google this 
week asking them to bump up crawling to capture the 

4.2. Format Project

4.2.1. XML

Heather Flanagan mentioned that the RFC is in the last 20% of getting 
the v3 language complete. There is still work being done in the text of 
v2 and v3, but will largely be done by IETF 90.

4.2.2. HTML + CSS

Heather mentioned that the main question is: is this set of requirements 
just a rendering tool, or is it for anyone that desires to have this 
type of profile of HTML? This will be discussed on the June 12 design 
team call. HTML is semantics-based, so it needs the CSS to be easier to 
read. A note was sent to RFC-interest for volunteers to design a 
prototype CSS. Heather has meetings set up with members from the W3C and 
a company called Crowd Favorites who will help figure out how to design 
this prototype. The goal is to have a prototype by IETF 90. Joe 
Hildebrand suggested asking about W3C's established HTML format.

4.2.3. EPUB

Heather reported that the design team will look at this at a later date.

4.2.4. PDF

Tony Hansen hopes to have something for the design team to look at by 
the June 12 call.

4.2.5. TXT

Heather reported that after the June 12 design call, she will have a 
better sense of what this format will look like, since there are 
differing opinions at the moment.

4.2.6. Non-ASCII

Heather reported that the text for this will not be changed at this 
point, and this is on the backburner for now.

4.2.7. SVG Profile

Nevil Brownlee is working on a validation code for this.

5. SoWs

Heather Flanagan asked when should the RSOC review the SoW. Heather 
suggested that when the RSE feels like they've reached a version of the 
SoW with the Tools Team that is ready to go out to the community, the 
SoW should be sent as an FYI to the RSOC ahead of time  and allow a week 
or two for RSOC to provide comments. It would then go to the community 
for final review. The version with final comments should be sent to RSOC 
before it goes to the IAOC. Robert Sparks suggested adopting an "inform 
and advise" model with the RSOC in regards to SoWs.

6. DOI

Heather reported that a statement of work to create the necessary 
automation to assign and register DOIs is under discussion with the 
Tools Team.  While DOIs are greatly desired by many in the community, 
some of the requirements CrossRef has established for their use (e.g., 
requiring the use of the DOI URIs in the reference libraries for ALL 
documents, or external) have caused some consternation.  So far, these 
are not showstoppers for the project, but they have increased the 
complexity of the project overall.

7. RSOC retreat, Saturday 19 July, 2014

7.1. Regrets: Bob Hinden, Robert Sparks

7.2. Agenda

  I.	Selection of the RSOC Chair
  II.	RSE Evaluation
  III.	ISOC, the IETF, the RFC Series, and marketing/branding
  IV.	Succession planning for the RSE role
  V.	Project planning for 2015-2018

Heather Flanagan will draft a slide deck detailing all the agenda items.

8. A.O.B.

Joe Hildebrand mentioned that the IAB may want more background on XML 
formatting. Heather Flanagan agreed to provide more background if 
requested by the IAB, which will either be coordinated by Joe or Joel