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Meeting Slides RFC Series Oversight Committee (RSOC) (rfcedprog) IAB ASG
Title 2014-10-08-rsoc-minutes
State Active
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Last updated 2022-06-10

October 8, 2014 Teleconference
Reported by: Naveen Khan, IETF Secretariat


    Joe Hildebrand
    Alexey Melnikov (Chair)
    Heather Flanagan (RSE, non-voting)
    Nevil Brownlee
    Tony Hansen
    Naveen Khan (Scribe)
    Bob Hinden
    Robert J Sparks
    Sarah Banks


   Ray Pelletier (IAOC Liaison, non-voting)
   Joel Halpern (Lead)


0. Minutes discussion / approval

  The minutes from the 11 June 2014 meeting were approved.
  The minutes from the 19 July 2014 meeting were approved.
  The minutes from the 13 August 2014 meeting were approved.
  The minutes from the 10 September 2014 meeting were approved.

1. Agenda Bash

  No changes were made to the agenda.

2. Format Update

  i.   xml2rfc v2 draft
       - Heather Flanagan reports that the latest version of the draft 
         was sent to the RSOC on September 30. On the condition that all 
         processing instructions are removed from this draft, the RSOC 
         agrees to support sending this to the IAB. From that point 
         forward, it will become an IAB-stream draft and start the 
         publication process.

3. RPC Update

  i.   SLA not met for September due to review of all drafts in queue 
       against new Style Guide (RFC 7322)
  ii.  At their upcoming face-to-face meeting, Heather Flanagan will 
       discuss with the IETF Leadership and Sandy Ginoza the possibility 
       of having the SLA capture rate of work, as opposed to quantity of 
       documents published by the RPC.
  iii. Vendor Selection Committee Update
       - The IAOC will decide the individuals who will be part of the 
         vendor selection process in the upcoming months. Heather will 
         discuss the open questions on the RPC SoW with the IETF 
         leadership on October 10, to help form a more concrete set of 
         proposed changes to discuss with the vendor selection 
         committee. There will then be a committee selection meeting at 
         IETF 91 in Hawaii. The RFP will go out in June, with the vendor 
         selection made a few months after.
       - Heather will also discuss the expansion of the IETF 
         Secretariat's role as the RFC Editor during the October 10 
         meeting with IETF leadership. Heather will send out a report on 
         this by Friday, October 11.

4. Onsite meeting with IETF, IAOC, and IAB chairs, RPC Director

  i.   Draft Agenda
       - RPC SoW and RFP process for the 2016 contract, including SLA 
       - RFC Format update, especially transition plan
       - Operational questions (digital signatures, RFC Online project, 
         other SoW-driven projects)
       - Future of the RFC Publisher (digital preservation)
       - IETF 91 and EFL support

5. IETF 91

  i.   There will be no RSOC call in November. There will be a Thursday 
       lunch at IETF 91, in Hawaii.
  ii.  EFL Support
       - Heather Flanagan reports that current plans are for the RPC to 
         offer 18 pre-signup slots for authors who wish for assistance 
         on language in their drafts at IETF 91.  An announcement will 
         go out to the WG Chairs, and signups will be encouraged before 
         the IETF meeting.  This will not be a full document review, nor 
         a technical review.  The success of this program will be based 
         on quantity of participation and feedback from the 
         participants.  If successful, this should be one of several 
         ways to help support EFL authors.