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Meeting Slides RFC Series Oversight Committee (RSOC) (rfcedprog) IAB ASG
Date and time 2022-01-01 14:00
Title 2016-03-09-rsoc-minutes
State Active
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Last updated 2022-06-10

March 9, 2016 RSOC Meeting

Reported by: Cindy Morgan, IETF Secretariat

 Sarah Banks (Chair)
 Nevil Brownlee
 Heather Flanagan (RSE, non-voting)
 Joel Halpern
 Tony Hansen 
 Cindy Morgan (Scribe, non-voting)
 Ray Pelletier (IAOC Liaison, non-voting)
 Robert Sparks (Lead)

 Joe Hildebrand
 Bob Hinden
 Alexey Melnikov

0. Review of minutes

  The minutes of the 10 February 2016 RSOC meeting were approved.

1. Agenda bash

  An update on the RPC was added to the agenda.

2. RPC update

  Heather Flanagan reported that the RPC is not expected to meet the new 
  SLA for Q1 2016. In addition to catching up from 2015, they also 
  received a request to expedite publication of over 200 pages of 
  material, which will delay the older documents in the queue.

3. RSOC Administrivia

  Robert Sparks observed that the "current activities" list on the RSOC 
  web page <> 
  is out of date. He asked the RSOC to take a look and think about what 
  activities should be listed on that page. Sarah Banks and Neville 
  Brownlee volunteered to take look and send their thoughts to the RSOC 

4. Project status

4.1 Format

  Heather Flanagan noted that the community review period for the new 
  RFC format drafts ends on 11 March 2016. She is tracking the comments 
  and resolutions to help the IAB when they look at the documents again.

  Heather Flanagan reported that she has sent a draft statement of work 
  to the Tools Team for the design of a CSS for the HTML and PDF 
  outputs. She is hoping that these can go out for community comment in 
  the next week or two.

  Heather Flanagan is working with Greg Wood to design an infographic on 
  the new formats that will be turned into a poster to hang at the RFC 
  Editor desk during IETF 95.

4.2. Stats & Metrics

  Heather Flanagan reported that John Levine is working on the code for 
  the stats and metrics project, and that he should have something to 
  show during IETF 95. The final code is not due until the end of April.

4.3. Infrastructure

  Heather Flanagan reported that the team working on infrastructure 
  planning has met a few times by conference call. Heather, Robert 
  Sparks, Sandy Ginoza, and Alice Russo will meet face-to-face next week 
  to discuss possible workflows and ideas.

4.4. Digital Preservation

  Heather Flanagan reported that she has heard back from the Royal 
  Library of Sweden on the questions she posed a few months ago about 
  digital preservation project. She will wok with Robert Sparks to 
  determine what needs to be done with the RSS feed. 

5. IETF 95

  Heather Flanagan announced that the stream managers' lunch at IETF 95 
  was cancelled because it conflicts with an IANA transition meeting.

  Heather Flanagan asked if the RSOC would need an executive session at 
  IETF 95, in addition to the regular meeting. After discussion, the 
  RSOC decided that an executive session would be helpful. Heather 
  Flanagan reminded the RSOC to fill out the Doodle poll indicating when 
  people are available to meet during IETF 95.

6. Read out from the IAB review of the RSOC program 

  Robert Sparks reported that the recent IAB review of the RSOC program 
  went very smoothy; there was a lot of positive feedback about the RSOC 
  being there for the IAB.  He noted that the did IAB ask about 
  continuing to expand the scope of the RSE job description on a 
  temporary basis, as it seems like the expanded scope is less 
  temporary. The RSOC will discuss this further in an executive session.

7. Executive session

  The RSE job description was discussed in an executive session.