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Meeting Slides RFC Series Oversight Committee (RSOC) (rfcedprog) IAB ASG
Date and time 2022-01-01 14:00
Title 2016-05-23-rsoc-minutes
State Active
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Last updated 2022-06-10

May 23, 2016 RSOC Meeting

Reported by: Cindy Morgan, IETF Secretariat


Heather Flanagan (RSE, non-voting)
Joel Halpern
Joe Hildebrand
Bob Hinden
Cindy Morgan (Scribe, non-voting)
Adam Roach
Robert Sparks (Lead)

Sarah Banks (Chair)
Nevil Brownlee
Tony Hansen 
Ray Pelletier (IAOC Liaison, non-voting)


0. Review of minutes

  The minutes of the 9 March 2016 teleconference and the 7 April 2016 
  meeting were approved.

1. Agenda bash

  An item on the W3C Digital Publishing Interest Group was added to the 
  agenda under AOB.

2. Project status

2.1 Format

  Heather Flanagan reported that most of the RFC format drafts are done, 
  but she is still waiting for updates to draft-iab-xml2rfc, draft-iab-
  html-rfc, draft-iab-rfc-css, and draft-iab-rfcv3-preptool. Joe 
  Hildebrand said that he expects to have the outstanding issues 
  resolved within the next two weeks. Heather noted that the sooner 
  these documents can be approved, the better; she would like to send 
  out the RFPs before the European summer holiday break.

2.2. Stats & Metrics

  Heather Flanagan reported that that statistics and metics project is 
  wrapping up; the RPC will check to make sure the additional tables 
  required in the database do not affect any of the existing scripts. 
  John Levine is also working with the RPC team to integrate some of 
  this code into the RFC Editor Wordpress site for public, automated 

2.3. Digital Preservation

  Heather Flanagan reported that she is still waiting to hear back from 
  the Royal Library of Sweden on her question about identifiers. She has 
  also reached out to Stephen Farrell to see if the Trinity College 
  library is interested in having the RFC series in their archive; 
  Stephen has made inquiries and is waiting to hear back from the 

2.4. Digital Signatures

  The RSOC discussed digital signatures on RFCs. Bob Hinden asked how 
  the keys would be handled for this. Heather Flanagan replied that 
  there would be three physical keys (likely on USB drives), held by 
  senior editorial staff of the RPC. 

  Robert Sparks asked if those would be the only copies of the keys.  
  Bob Hinden asked if having all of the keys in the hands of employees 
  of the RFC contractor makes sense. Robert suggested that Ray Pelletier 
  (as IAD) could also hold a key. Heather Flanagan will check what the 
  process is for getting the keys, and report back to the RSOC.

  Robert Sparks requested that the RFC Editor's key management practices 
  be written down for internal use. Heather Flanagan will draft some 
  text and send it to Robert for review.

3. Outreach

3.1. AMS/IETF, IAB, and IAOC chair/IAD meeting

  Heather Flanagan reported that she met with the AMS partners and IT 
  staff, the IETF Tools Management Committee Chair, the IAD, some ISOC 
  staff, and the IAB, IETF, and IAOC chairs earlier this month. The 
  tools discussion in particular was very useful in making sure that 
  everyone is up to speed on what is happening in the RFC Editor arena. 

  The following week, Heather Flanagan attended the IESG retreat, where 
  the topic of the number of authors allowed on an RFC was discussed 
  again. The IESG did not reach consensus about making any changes to 
  the number of authors allowed.

3.2. Society for Scholarly Publishing

  Heather Flanagan will be presenting on standards development and 
  standards in publishing at the upcoming Society for Scholarly 
  Publishing meeting. Her attendance at this conference is self-funded.

3.3. STM Association

  Heather Flanagan will run a panel on identity and access management at 
  the upcoming International Association of Scientific, Technical, and 
  Medical Publishers meeting in London.

4. AOB: W3C Digital Publishing Interest Group participation

  Heather Flanagan reported that she is participating in the Digital 
  Publishing Interest Group, and currently holds the pen on the group's 
  use case document. This document has been in the spotlight recently as 
  a result of discussions around a proposed merger of the W3C and the 
  International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), the SDO responsible for 
  the EPUB standard. A copy of the first draft of the use case doc is 
  online <>. There is a virtual face-
  to-face meeting this week that will focus on the use case document.