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Meeting Slides RFC Series Oversight Committee (RSOC) (rfcedprog) IAB ASG
Date and time 2022-01-01 14:00
Title 2016-06-08-rsoc-minutes
State Active
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Last updated 2022-06-10

June 8, 2016 RSOC Meeting

Reported by: Naveen Khan, IETF Secretariat

Nevil Brownlee
Heather Flanagan (RSE, non-voting)
Joel Halpern
Tony Hansen
Joe Hildebrand
Bob Hinden
Naveen Khan (scribe, non-voting)
Adam Roach
Robert Sparks (IAB Lead)

Sarah Banks (RSOC Chair)
Ray Pelletier (IAOC Liaison, non-voting)


0. Review of minutes

  The minutes from the 23 May 2016 meeting were approved.

1. Agenda bash

  An item on the ISE Succession Plan was added to the agenda by Nevil 

2. Project status

2.1. Format

  Heather Flanagan reported that there is pressure get this done, but 
  due to day job pressures, people have fewer volunteer hours to 
  dedicate to this project. Joe Hildebrand reported that the bigger 
  issue of display references has been resolved. The smaller issue of 
  the RFC number being different in the front and back-end reference 
  element is in the process of being worked out, and will be fixed in 
  the prep tool. Any opinions on this can be discussed directly with 

  Joe Hildebrand is currently going through draft-iab-html-rfc to make 
  sure everything is correct, and expects the draft will be done soon.

  Heather Flanagan reported that the statement of work for CSS has gone 
  out. Julian Reschke had comments about whether CSS can be applied to a 
  PDF document. This has been in discussion by the tools and design 

2.2. Stats & Metrics

  Heather Flanagan reported that Alice Russo is doing the testing for 
  this. The focus is mostly on details such as notations on graphs that 
  are unreadable in certain browsers. This project should be completed 
  by the end of June, and a note will be sent to the TMC to sign off on 
  the work so that the contractor can be paid. Adam Roach noted that 
  there is a dedicated web compatibility team for this that can be 
  consulted if needed. Robert Sparks has requested to see this document.

2.3. Digital Signatures

  Heather Flanagan reported that a draft of the public-facing FAQ was 
  sent to the RSOC. Heather is working on the details of this document 
  with Russ Housley. Heather and Russ are in agreement that this should 
  be a high-level document, and the details of the operations should be 
  left out of the public document. Heather reported that it will not be 
  necessary for anyone to hold copies of the keys because we are 
  protected under contract against issues. Best practices for key 
  management also suggest that keys like this should not be copied. If 
  anyone would like to discuss the best practices in more detail, they 
  can contact Russ or Heather. Russ will be asked to join the RSOC call 
  in August to continue this conversation.

3. RFC Stream design team

  Joe Hildebrand reported that no further discussion on this has been 
  made since the IAB retreat. Joe does not foresee this being an agenda 
  item at IETF 96; the discussion on this will be more long-term.

4. Plans for IETF 96

  There are no format BOFs or tutorials planned for Berlin. Heather 
  Flanagan is hoping to have the format RFP out and some bids back to 
  review by IETF 96. A Doodle poll will be sent to the ROSC to find time 
  to discuss the bids once the agenda comes out. If no time is decided, 
  Thursday lunch at the IETF meeting will be the fallback time as per 
  usual. There will be no RSOC retreat at IETF 96.

5. ISE Succession Plan

  Nevil Brownlee reported that he was asked to create a succession plan 
  for the ISE role once his contract is over. Key points of this plan 
  are: what the stream does, how much work is involved in doing it, and 
  the position description. 

  Nevil Brownlee sent a document that details this work to the RSOC. 
  Nevil pointed out that the key to this position is to know how the 
  different parts of the IETF infrastructure work, and the relationship 
  between the independent stream and IANA. Another important part to 
  this role is being able to manage a relationship with the reviewers, 
  as two technical reviews are required for independent stream 
  documents. Although the workload fluctuates, there is a time 
  commitment to the role. Nevil said that he would be happy to continue 
  in the role for a year after his contract ends, but after that he will 
  be officially retired. Nevil asked what RSOC thinks the next steps 
  should be. Joel Halpern said that the IAB has to be the one to make 
  the call regarding who is responsible for this search. RSOC should 
  give Nevil feedback on the document between now and Berlin. Robert 
  Sparks will bring this up with the IAB face-to-face in Berlin. Robert 
  suggested not detailing the position description too much.

6. AOB

  Heather Flanagan will be at TNC2016 in Prague the week of June 13 for 
  her identity federation work, and to attend the IETF update to that 
  community. She will be available via email, IM, and Skype that week, 
  but will be on vacation and mostly offline the week of June 27.