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Meeting Slides RFC Series Oversight Committee (RSOC) (rfcedprog) IAB ASG
Title 2020-04-27-rsoc-minutes
State Active
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Last updated 2022-06-10

April 27, 2020 RSOC Meeting

Reported by: Cindy Morgan, IETF Secretariat

 Sarah Banks (RSOC Chair) 
 Jay Daley (IETF LLC Board Liaison, non-voting)
 Tony Hansen 
 John Levine, (Temporary RFC Series Project Manager, non-voting)
 Cindy Morgan (Scribe, non-voting)
 Mark Nottingham 
 Adam Roach
 Peter Saint-Andre

 Sandy Ginoza (RFC Production Center)

 Cullen Jennings (IAB Lead)

2019 Decisions: <>



  - 2020-01-22: Sarah Banks to get an update on the current status of 
    the RPC's tools from Sandy Ginoza.

  - 2020-01-22: Sarah Banks to add an item to the monthly RFC Series 
    report to the IAB to note that the timeline to propose a new SLA for 
    the RPC has slipped because the tools are not yet in a steady state.

  - 2020-02-26: John Levine to ask legal counsel (cc'ing Jay Daley) what 
    exactly is required to authenticate an RFC when responding to a 

  - 2020-02-26: Mark Nottingham to ask the IAB about reporting on the 
    open issues with the v3 work during the IETF 107 plenary.

  - 2020-02-26: Mark Nottingham to investigate whether the current 
    version of SVG Tiny will be deprecated by the W3C.

  In Progress:

  - 2020-02-26: John Levine to draft a report for RSOC outlining all of 
    the open issues with the v3 work.

  - 2020-02-26: John Levine to draft a plan on how to manage canonical 
    versions of the RELAX NG schema used in XML2RFC v3.

  - 2020-02-26: John Levine to draft a plan on how to manage change 
    control for the v3 XML.


  - 2020-04-27: : Jay Daley and John Levine to set up a video call with 
    Henrik Levkowetz and Robert Sparks to discuss prioritization of open 
    issues with the v3 tools.

1. Administrivia

  The minutes of the 2020-02-26 RSOC meetings were approved.

2. Catch up on action items: RFC authentication

  John Levine reported that he spoke to the IETF Trust/IETF LLC's legal 
  counsel, and they said that republishing the PDFs of RFCs is not a 
  problem since the text does not change.

3. v3 Issues and Tools

  John Levine reported that there are ongoing issues with rendering PDFs 
  correctly. Given that the PDFs are not the canonical format, John 
  suggested that any issues with the PDFs that cannot be solved with 
  trivial efforts be put off until later, since the PDFs will need to be 
  re-rendered again anyway once XML2RFC is stable.

  Jay Daley noted that there is a lack of clarity about who should 
  decide whether certain types of issues and feature requests are 
  addressed, and if so, whether they should be addressed by changes to 
  the authored XML, changes to the schema, or changes to xml2rfc.

  Sandy Ginoza asked if there are any issues with the RPC asking tools 
  contractors for advice; John Levine replied that the RPC asking for 
  advice was not the problem, but about what to do when the Temporary 
  RFC Series Project Manager and the tools contractor disagree on the 
  advice given. John Levine noted that there is a difference between 
  fixing bugs in the XML2RFC tool and making changes that affect the 
  XML2RFC vocabulary.

  The RSOC agreed that the list of open issues should be transparent so 
  that people can see what is going on and items can be prioritized 
  appropriately. John Levine has set up a GitHub repository 
  <> to track the open issues. 
  Several RSOC members agreed to watch that repo. Issues will be 
  documented in GitHub and sent to RSOC and Henrik Levkowetz for review.

  RSOC discussed who is responsible for prioritizing the open issues 
  with the v3 tools, and agreed that this falls under the statement of 
  work for the Temporary RFC Series Project Manager. 

  * Action item: Jay Daley and John Levine to set up a video call with 
    Henrik Levkowetz and Robert Sparks to discuss prioritization of open 
    issues with the v3 tools.

  Sarah Banks suggested that the outcome of the call on prioritization 
  be written up as an update to the IAB and possibly the community as a 

4. Schedule for SLA

  This agenda item was deferred due to time constraints.