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Meeting Slides RFC Series Oversight Committee (RSOC) (rfcedprog) IAB ASG
Title 2021-09-27-rsoc-minutes
State Active
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Last updated 2022-06-10

September 27, 2021 RSOC Meeting

Reported by: Liz Flynn, IETF Secretariat

- Sarah Banks
- Jay Daley (IETF LLC Board Liaison, non-voting)
- Liz Flynn (Scribe, non-voting)
- Sandy Ginoza
- Tony Hansen
- Cullen Jennings (IAB Lead)
- John Levine (Temporary RFC Series Project Manager, non-voting)
- Adam Roach
- David Schinazi
- Peter Saint-Andre (RSOC Chair)


 - 2020-09-21: Jay Daley, John Levine, Henrik Levkowetz, Peter Saint-
   Andre, and Robert Sparks to work with Sandy Ginoza to propose a
   minimum profile of v3 XML tags that the RPC would add before
   publication of an RFC if they were not included by the authors.
   * Deadline: 2021-08

 - 2021-05-17: Peter Saint-Andre, Jay Daley, and John Levine to chat
   with the RPC and recent authors about their perspectives on the
   GitHub experiment, and report back to RSOC.
   * Deadline: 2021-08

In Progress:

 - 2021-01-26: John Levine to start a discussion with the community
   about whether the XML of an RFC can be changed as long as the text
  remains immutable. (NOTE: Depends on action item for "RFC XML and
   Style Guide change management team," above.)
   * Deadline: 2021-08

 - 2021-03-15: John Levine and Peter Saint-Andre to discuss the
   prioritization and time commitment needed to put together an end-to-
   end analysis to ensure that v3 XML can be used effectively and
   seamlessly at all stages of the authoring process (Recommendation
   8), and report back to the RSOC.
   * Deadline 2021-10


- 2021-09-27: John Levine will make a proposed list of changes to
   the SVG profile.
   * Deadline: 2021-10


1. Administrivia

The minutes of the 2021-087-19 RSOC meeting were approved.

2. RFC XML and Style Guide change management team

Peter Saint-Andre reported that the RFC XML and Style Guide change management
team has worked through the backlog of issues and developed a proposal for how
to handle things coming in. John Levine noted that the RPC maintains a list of
sourcecode language types which authors can use to identify theirs
( This action item
was closed.

3. v3 Issues and Tools

John Levine noted that the xml2rfc v3 prep tool needs updates to clean up the
use of the Internet-Draft name tag in the RFC attribute. The SVG profile also
needs updates, but it is not yet clear what the correct profile should be. John
said that he would prefer to have a complete list of the possible changes that
might be made to an RFC's XML (while leaving the text unchanged) before
starting the conversation with the community about whether the XML of an RFC
can be changed as long as the text remains immutable.

*  Action item: John Levine will make a proposed list of changes to the SVG
        - Deadline: 2021-10.

4. Recommendations Following From the I-D Authors Survey

Sandy Ginoza described the RPC's recent experiment using Github to work on a
document submitted in XML. The experiment has been going fairly smoothly. The
author in this case was a single author who was familiar with Github but not an
expert. The experiment will be repeated with a second document, this one with
more authors. The RPC is getting more familiar with Github and thinking about
what processes and tooling will be needed to make this work in a wider fashion.

Jay Daley reported that he has created which has all of the
documentation from about everything that is part of the authors
tool chain. Jay has been speaking to the IESG about how to structure this
micro-site and how it should be updated; for example, setting up an editing
relationship with the wiki and Github.

5. AOB

Peter Saint-Andre reported that there has been significant progress made in the
rfced-futures group, and he plans to submit version -04 of his document by the
end of next week. After version -04 is published, Peter will ask RSOC to take a
look at the document and provide feedback during Last Call.

6. Next RSOC Meeting

The next RSOC meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 18 at 4:00 PM PDT.