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Number Resource Organisation (NRO) formation, 19 January 2004

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Title Number Resource Organisation (NRO) formation, 19 January 2004
Published 2004-01-19
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From: Paul Wilson, Chair, Number Resource Organization
To: Harald Alvestrand, Chair, IETF
    Leslie Daigle, Chair, IAB
Cc: Geoff Huston, Executive Durector, IAB
Date: 19 January 2004
Subject: Number Resource Organisation (NRO) formation

Dear Leslie and Harald

As you will be aware, on 24 October 2003 the Number Resource Organisation (NRO) was created by the signing of an MoU between the four Regional Internet Registries. We would like to inform you of further developments since.

During the LACNIC meeting, on 18 Nobember in La Habana, Cuba, the NRO Executive Council met for its constituting session. The members of the NRO Executive Council are the CEOs of the RIRs: Ra£l Echeberr¡a, Axel Pawlik, Ray Plzak and Paul Wilson. The following functions within the Executive Council were filled until the end of 2004:

  • Chair (Paul Wilson)
  • Secretary (Axel Pawlik), and
  • Treasurer (Raúl Echeberr¡a).

The NRO secretariat will be hosted by the RIPE NCC, also until the end of 2004. To contact the NRO, until further notice the mail addresses,, and can be used.

During its meeting, the NRO Executive Council decided to suspend Number Council Formation and the policy formation activities of the NRO while good faith negotiation with ICANN are continuing.

In case you should have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me.


Paul Wilson


Number Resource Organisation

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