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SiteFinder returns, 26 August 2005

Document Type IAB Statement
Title SiteFinder returns, 26 August 2005
Published 2005-08-26
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From: Steve Crocker <>
Date: August 26, 2005 05:20:38 GMT+02:00
To: Narten Thomas <>, Patrik Fältström <>
Subject: SiteFinder returns

Thomas and Patrik,

I write to you in your capacities as IAB liaisons to the ICANN board and to the SSAC.

I was recently informed the folks at are actively selling SiteFinder services to ccTLDs with the aggressive claim that ccTLDs aren’t subject to ICANN’s control so they can just go ahead with impunity and make a lot of money. One of the things these guys are apparently making use of is that it’s not in violation of the IETF’s protocols, the IAB’s letter on this subject notwithstanding.

In our report on the SiteFinder incident, one of the recommendations was a politely oblique suggestion to the IETF to revisit the DNS specifications and tighten them up with respect to wild cards. Specifically, we wrote:

Recommendation (3): There exist shortcomings in the specification of DNS wildcards and their usage. The defining RFCs should be examined and modified as necessary with a focus on producing two results: first, clarification of the use of synthesized responses in DNS protocols; second, provision of additional guidance on the use of synthesized responses in the DNS hierarchy.


for the full report.)

If I recall correctly, the IAB said it wasn’t likely to take further action, and, indeed, nothing further has materialized. I mention this to you at this time because I’m told this company is aggressively marketing the service and has successfully signed up three ccTLDs.