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IAB to ICANN: IAB comments on ICANN IDN Guidelines, 14 October 2005

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Title IAB to ICANN: IAB comments on ICANN IDN Guidelines, 14 October 2005
Published 2005-10-14
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From: Leslie Daigle <> 
Sent: Friday, October 14, 2005 12:21 PM 
Cc: Ted Hardie <>; 
IAB <> 
Subject: IAB comments on ICANN IDN Guidelines

The IAB has reviewed the IDN Guidelines that ICANN has prepared for open input, published Sept 20, 2005 that can be found on the following URI:

We have the following comments:

In the proposed guidelines, we see the following text:

  1. (a) In implementing the IDN standards, top-level domain registries will associate each label in a registered internationalized domain name, as it appears in their registry, with a single language or a single script using accepted designators for both. The restriction, in either case, is intended to limit the set of permitted characters within a label. If greater specificity is desired, the association may be made by combining both a language designator and a script designator. Alternatively, a label may be associated with a set of languages, or with more than one designator under the conditions described below. Language designators are illustrated in

RFC 3066


RFC 3066 is currently under review by the IETF, and the registry it defines will always be updated. Because of this, the IAB believes it is problematic to explicitly refer to RFC 3066, but would instead be appropriate say the following:

Language designators or “language tags” are associated with an IANA registry, currently maintained at and registered according to rules set out in BCP 47. Registries should consult the registry and BCP 47.

Best regards,

Leslie Daigle,

Chair, Internet Architecture Board.