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IETF to ICANN – IANA structural status, 22 November 2005

Document Type IAB Statement
Title IETF to ICANN – IANA structural status, 22 November 2005
Published 2005-11-22
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From: Leslie Daigle <> 
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 21:57:53 -0500 
To:, Paul Twomey <> 
CC: Brian E Carpenter <>, 
Thomas Narten <> 
Subject: IANA structural status

Dear Vint and Paul,

We’ve become quite concerned, with rumors flying about a contract re-bid by DoC, that the necessary separation between the policy-related functions of IANA (for TLD and address block matters) and the technical registration functions (for IETF protocol parameters and other technical assignments) be maintained. We believe that this needs to be fully and formally recognized prior to any re-bid. As you know, the technical registration functions are carried out for and at the direction of the IETF and we believe that this needs to be reflected both organizationally and contractually. On the ICANN side, the two functions have long been blurred organizationally and we feel that you need to separate them with some urgency.

If this cannot be done, and if a re-bid process starts, the IETF will need to reconsider its position under our existing MoU.