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IESG Statement on Disruptive Posting

Document Type IESG Statement
Title IESG Statement on Disruptive Posting
Published 2006-02-17
Metadata last updated 2024-02-23
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IESG Statement on Disruptive Posting

17 Feb 2006

The IESG today makes the following statement, but will welcome community feedback on it.

According to RFC 2418 as updated by RFC 3934, WG chairs have the power to suspend disruptive posters on WG mailing lists for periods of 30 days. However, this power is not documented for the moderators or maintainers of IETF mailing lists that are not WG mailing lists. In the absence of a BCP or RFC 3933 procedure to cover this case, and as part of its responsibility under RFC 2026 to organize and manage the Internet Standards process, the IESG has decided as follows: 

The administrators of such lists are authorized to suspend disruptive posters for periods of not more than 30 days, typically after one or more explicit and public warnings, and consultation with an Area Director. 

Administrators may also follow the moderation guidelines at "IESG Guidance on the Moderation of IETF Working Group Mailing Lists." 

The list of IETF mailing lists that are not WG mailing lists is maintained at where the administrators are listed.