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IETF Meeting Photography Policy

Document Type IESG Statement
Title IETF Meeting Photography Policy
Published 2018-03-16
Metadata last updated 2024-04-04
State Active
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IETF Meeting Photography Policy

16 Mar 2018

The intent behind this policy is to balance people's legitimate desire not to be photographed with the IETF's ability to document activities and enable remote participation. The following policy applies to all IETF events, including WG meetings, plenaries, and the hackathon.


The IETF will make available a mechanism for participants to label themselves as desiring not to be photographed. The secretariat will determine the details in consultation with the IESG.

Official Photography

Any photographer engaged on behalf of the IETF should not photograph individuals displaying the "do-not-photograph" label, should make reasonable efforts to avoid photographing small groups with one or more members displaying the label, and should not publish small group photographs with such individuals in them. There are two important exceptions to this policy:

  • IETF leadership (IESG, IAB, WG Chairs, Presenters) performing their official responsibilities may be photographed.

  • Photographs of large groups may contain incidental images of such individuals and we will not attempt to redact those. Specifically, photographs of panels and the like (e.g., the IESG/IAB plenary) are expected to contain all individuals regardless of labelling.

Working group meetings are generally video recorded and broadcast, for remote participation and archival purposes, and no attempt will be made to avoid recording individuals. However, if the IETF publishes still frames of these videos, individuals displaying the labels should not be shown.

Note: the use of "should" above is intended to reflect that although this is IETF policy, it is a best effort service and some mistakes will likely be made, perhaps because someone's label is not noticed or visible. Individuals can contact to arrange for redaction of their images or to report abuse.

Unofficial Photography

Many IETF participants also engage in photography. We ask that those participants avoid photographing individuals who have asked not to be photographed or are displaying the "do-not-photograph" label, except under the conditions listed above.