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Writable MIB Module IESG Statement

Document Type IESG Statement
Title Writable MIB Module IESG Statement
Published 2014-03-02
Metadata last updated 2024-02-23
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Writable MIB Module IESG Statement

2 Mar 2014

The IESG is aware of discussions in the OPS area and in a number of working groups about the current practice for standards-based approaches to configuration.

The OPS area has shown strong support for the use of NETCONF/YANG while many working groups continue to specify MIB modules for this purpose. The IESG wishes to clarify this situation with this statement:

  • IETF working groups are therefore encouraged to use the NETCONF/YANG standards for configuration, especially in new charters.
  • SNMP MIB modules creating and modifying configuration state should only be produced by working groups in cases of clear utility and consensus to use SNMP write operations for configuration, and in consultation with the OPS ADs/MIB doctors.