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Moving TPC.INT and NSAP.INT infrastructure domains to historic

Document Status change Moving TPC.INT and NSAP.INT infrastructure domains to historic
Last updated 2023-02-07
Moves to Historic RFC1528, RFC1706
State Approved - announcement sent
IESG Telechat date (None)
Responsible AD Warren "Ace" Kumari
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[ RFC Editor: Please remove this section before publication.

Dear community:
What you have here is the "status change" document for RFC 1528 and RFC 1706.
This document itself doesn't actually *do* anything; it will be published on
the datatracker pages for RFC 1528 and RFC 1706, and will point to whatever RFC
draft-davies-int-historic becomes.

If you are (understandably!) confused, the process for making an RFC "historic"
is documented here:
This document uses process #3.]

draft-davies-int-historic [RFC ED: Replace with RFC number] marks RFC 1528 and
RFC 1706 as historic.

Section 3.1 of draft-davies-int-historic makes RFC 1528 historic:

   The specification for [RFC1528] should be deemed historic as
   it no longer functions as described in the document.

Section 2.4 of draft-davies-int-historic makes RFC 1706 historic:

   The domain name was specified to experimentally map Open
   Systems Interconnection (OSI) Network Service Access Points to domain
   names [RFC1706].