Moving IP versions 5, 8, and 9 to Historic

The information below is for an old version of the document
Document Proposed status change Moving IP versions 5, 8, and 9 to Historic Snapshot
Last updated 2016-03-17
Moves to Historic RFC1621, RFC1347, RFC1819
State AD Review
IESG Telechat date (None)
Shepherding AD Brian Haberman
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   A variety of alternative architectures have been proposed as the successor to
IPv4. Many of these proposals have been published as RFCs and allocated IP
version numbers by IANA. This status change formally moves RFC 1347, RFC 1819,
and RFC 1621 to Historic status.

As a part of this status change, IANA is directed to IP version numbers 5, 8,
and 9 to Reserved in the IP Version Numbers registry
( and add
this status-change document to their references. Additionally, version number 7
is to be marked Reserved and its reference updated to include RFC 6814.