ITU-T  Study Group 15 (Study Period 2001 - 2004)
 Signalling Protocol Work in Q.14/15



Question(s): Q.14 Meeting, date: Rapporteur Meeting, 7-11/10/2002
Study Group: 15 Working Party: 3
Source: Q.14/15
Title:  Liaison Statement to IETF CCAMP Working Group on signalling protocol work in Q.14/15 
To: IETF CCAMP Working Group
Approval: Agreed to at 7 11 October 2002 Rapporteur Meeting
For: Action
Deadline: January 2003
Contact: Hing-Kam Lam
Lucent Technologies
Tel: +1 732-949-8338
Fax: +1 732-949-5055

Q.14/15 would like to inform the IETF CCAMP Working Group that Q.14/15 is finalizing the work in defining the protocol-specific specifications for the ASON signalling protocols, namely:

  • G.7713.2, which is based on the GMPLS RSVP-TE signalling protocol
  • G.7713.3, which is based on the GMPLS CR-LDP signalling protocol
  • The plan is to reach consent on the draft recommendations in the upcoming ITU-T Study Group 15 meeting in January 20 31, 2003. We are still awaiting code point assignment requested in our May 2002 Liaison and will appreciate you could take action prior to our January meeting. 
    We wish that you will continue to review and provide us with comments on these documents.

    The documents may be obtained from:
    Draft G.7713.2
    DCM Signalling Mechanism based on GMPLS RSVP-TE
    Draft G.7713.3
    DCM Signalling Mechanism based on GMPLS CR-LDP

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