ITU-T  Study Group 15 (Study Period 2001 - 2004)
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  ITU-T Question 7/15, (Voice Gateways), is developing new ITU-T Recommendation G.799.1, covering functionality, interfaces, performance requirements and functional tests for voice gateways interfacing GSTN to IP networks. The current text of draft G.799.1 is available at: 
G.799.1 Functionality and Interface Specifications for GSTN Transport Network Equipment for Interconnecting GSTN and IP Networks

The latest version (approved at the SG15 meeting in Geneva, October 2001) is V6.0
At the recent Geneva meeting text was approved for inclusion in the document for defining the handling of Signalling System No.7 associated signalling links by a TIGIN gateway. Q7/15 would appreciate the comments of both SG11 and IETF Sigtran on the text included in sections (Signalling Backhaul for Signalling System No. 7) and 3.4.1 (SS7 Signalling Links).
In addition Q7/15 would appreciate the views of SG11 on the suitability of the IETF Sigtran protocols for this application.

In addition Q7/15 request IETF Sigtran to clarify the status of the Sigtran protocols, in particular the stability of RFC 2960bis (SCTP) (May 16, 2001) and the likelihood and timing of draft-ietf-sigtran-m2ua-10 (M2UA) achieving full RFC status.
Attachment:  Draft text of G.799.1 version 6.0 

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