ITU-T  Study Group 15 (Study Period 2001 - 2004)
 Work on Intgrated IS-IS on the DCN in Q.14/15



SOURCE: Rapporteur
TITLE: Communication Statement to IETF IS-IS Working Group on work on Integrated IS-IS on the DCN in Q.14/15

TO: IETF IS-IS Working Group
FOR: Information
CONTACT: Hing-Kam Lam
101 Crawfords Corner Road
Holmdel, NJ 07733, USA
Tel: +1-732-949-8338
Fax: +1-732-949-5055

As requested by the chairman of the IETF IS-IS working group, Q.14/15 would like to inform the IETF of the current work that Q.14/15 is doing on recommendation G.7712/Y.1703 “Architecture and Specification of Data Communication Network”.  This contains the draft revision of G.7712/Y.1703 and is intended to be consented at the next SG15 plenary in January 2003. The particular sections that IS-IS WG may be interested for further developments on IS-IS are:

  • Section 7.1.8 Network Layer PDU Encapsulation Function as well as Annex B for the Description of the Automatic Encapsulation Procedures 
  • Section Network-layer Protocol Aware Adjacency Creation
  • Section Integrated IS-IS requirements as well as Annex A on Requirements for Three-Way Handshaking
  • Appendix III Commissioning guide for SDH NEs in dual RFC 1195 environment and impact of automatic Encapsulation option
  • Appendix II Implementation Example of Automatic Encapsulation
  • The document is available as version 1.1 of G.7712/Y.1703 at the ITU-T public ftp site for your information. The document may be obtained from the links below.

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    Note: After the conclusion of the Study Group 15 meeting, some additional editing was performed to create draft version 1.2 of G.7712/Y.1703. This includes revisions to improve clarity and readability over version 1.1. It has been reviewed on the Q.14/15 email exploder, where there were no objections to the revisions, but this version is not an officially agreed result from the April/May 2002 meeting of Study Group 15. Further revisions are possible before expected ‘consent and approval’ on a draft revised Recommendation G.7712/Y.1703 in early 2003.
    Draft Revised G.7712/Y.1703
    Architecture and Specification of Data Communication Network, version 1.1
    Draft Revised G.7712/Y.1703
    Architecture and Specification of Data Communication Network, version 1.2 (produced from email correspondence rather than as a formal output from a Study Group 15 meeting)

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