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12, 14/15

20-31 January 2003



ITU-T SG15, Q.14/15


Liaison Statement To IETF CCAMP WG and Sub-IP Area Directors From WP3/15 on ASON Routing Activities


IETF CCAMP WG and Sub-IP Area Directors


Agreed to at SG 15 meeting, Geneva, 20 –31 January 2003






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Q.14/15 would like to inform the IETF CCAMP Working Group and the Sub-IP Area Directors that Q.14/15 is beginning work in defining the connection routing protocols for use in ASON networks, and requests the benefit of the IETF's expertise in this area.

Q.12/15 has also developed an amendment to ITU-T Recommendation G.8080 (Architecture for the Automatically Switched Optical Network) to provide clarification on naming and structure of the network for routing and signalling and add architectural support for discovery procedures and protection/restoration.

A set of protocol-independent high level routing architecture and requirements has already been specified in ITU-T Recommendation G.7715 (see below) and Q. 14/15 has initiated work on a new draft recommendation (numbered G.7715.1) describing the requirements for a link-state method routing protocol for ASON.

Some of the following requirements have been identified:

1.       The routing protocol should support partitioning of transport networks that may be controlled by using multiple instances of different routing protocols at different levels. 

2.       The routing protocol should support separation of control and data (i.e, transport) planes such that data and control entities are not required to be co-located, and the scope of the data plane resources seen by a routing function is not limited. 

3.       The routing protocol should support distribution, abstraction and filtering of information within hierarchical and partitioning relationships.

4.      The routing protocol should support independence of inter-domain and intra-domain routing protocols.

It should be noted that the scope of this work is limited to routing of transport connections within ASON networks.

Q.12 and Q.14/15 wish to work cooperatively with IETF in order to reach a common understanding of respective terminology and available mechanisms.

An interim meeting of Q.14/15 will be held on 9-13 June 2003, located in Chicago .  The Rapporteur for Q.14/15 invites the participation of interested IETF members in discussions of ASON routing protocols at this meeting, and invites comments and input from IETF community to progress this work.  Those interested in attending the interim meeting should contact the Rapporteur for Q.14/15 (H. Kam Lam, by May 27, 2003.  Any contributions directed to the meeting must be submitted by June 2, 2003.

Approved Recommendation G.7715 and the consented amendment to Recommendation G.8080 may be obtained from the ccamp link at:


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