May 6, 2002

IETF, Sub-IP AreaDirectors:  Scott Bradner (, Bert Wijnen (

The OIF has established an Optical Intra-Carrier Network-Network Interface project. This project is targeting near-term needs for automatic connection management within a single carrier across various proprietary control domains.  Domains may employ distributed or centralized control or combinations thereof.


 The specific applications targeted within OIF are metro/core interworking and multi-vendor interworking. The planned outputs are Implementation Agreements for automatic connection management across multiple control domains.


As part of this project, the OIF has initiated work on interface requirements (E-NNI) and has completed an initial requirements draft, which is attached. This document should be viewed as work in progress, which may evolve as the work progresses. The content of the requirements may be gauged from the table of contents.


We are initiating this information exchange as input to your work in the development of GMPLS protocols. We appreciate your feedback on the document and the relationship of this work to your current and planned activities.


Please address any reply or questions you might have to John Strand at the following address:

Dr. John Strand

AT&T, Room A5-1D33

200 Laurel Avenue

Middletown, NJ 07748




Charles Steven Joiner

OIF, Technical Committee Chair


cc: John Strand, OIF Carrier Working Group Chair

     IETF Liaisons, Greg Bernstein, Bala Rajagopalan