ITU-T  Study Group 15 (Study Period 2001 - 2004)
 Automatic Discovery Work in Q.14/15



SOURCE: Rapporteur
TITLE: Communication Statement to Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) on automatic discovery work in Q.14/15

TO: Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) Architecture and Signalling WGs
CC: IETF ccamp Working Group
FOR: Action
DEADLINE: 1 September 2002
CONTACT: Hing-Kam Lam
101 Crawfords Corner Road
Holmdel, NJ 07733, USA
Tel: +1-732-949-8338
Fax: +1-732-949-5055

Q.14/15 would like to inform the OIF that Q.14/15 is in the midst of initiating work efforts in defining the specific protocol for Automatic Discovery. Q.14/15 has initiated work on:

  • Draft new Recommendation G.7714.1, which is based on the OIF UNI 1.0 neighbour and service discovery specification and will be developed to meet the protocol neutral discovery requirements in Recommendation G.7714.
  • In the upcoming Q.14/15 meetings, Q.14/15 will be evaluating any possible modifications that may be needed to the OIF UNI 1.0 specification in order to meet the requirements in Recommendation G.7714.

    We have identified some requirements that do not appear to be met by the existing OIF UNI 1.0 specification. Some examples are;

    1. OIF UNI 1.0 specification does not support discovery across serial compound link connections.
    2. OIF UNI 1.0 specification does not support discovery of the remote link end-point identifier, nor the remote control entity id for each local SNTP id. The OIF UNI 1.0 requires that discovery be initiated by sending a BeginVerify message to the remote node over the CC.  Therefore it assumes that the remote node is already known as well as the address to reach the remote nodes controller.
    3. Another point that needs to be considered is that it is necessary to divorce the discovery notion from the overall control channel notion. This is blurred in the OIF UNI 1.0 specification.  We don’t need to use the line (or section DCC) as a control channel in the in-band case.  We may want to use it only for “discovery” purposes.
    We wish that as we continue our review of the OIF UNI 1.0 specification you will be able to provide us with recommendations on how to close these and future issues.

    Two documents are available at the ITU-T public ftp site for your information. These include the approved Recommendation G.7714, plus contribution D.455 that provides a more detailed analysis of the UNI 1.0 specification against the requirements in Recommendation G.7714. Also included in contribution D.455 are proposed extensions to the OIF UNI 1.0 specification to close the gaps.  Q.14/15 looks forward to your input to help progress this work in Q.14/15. 

    The two documents may be obtained from
    Rec. G.7714
    Generalized Automatic Discovery Techniques
    A protocol specific mapping for Rec. G.7714
    .zip .doc

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