From:         Hill, Richard
Sent: Thursday, 21 February  2002 10:45
To:   'Scott  Bradner'
Cc:   'John C Klensin'
Subject:      ENUM liaison

Question 1 (Q.1) of Study Group 2 (SG2) has asked me to send you the
following liaison.  This liaison is subject to the approval of SG2 at its
next meeting in May 2002.

With respect to the creation of a legal instrument between ITU and the
appropriate entity, Q.1 advises TSB that the following items should be

* Assurances of stability of the Tier 0 Registry

* Assurances that the Tier 0 Registry will implement TSB objections and

* Assurances that data stored in the Tier 0 Registry are secure (both
  against unauthorized access or changes, and against disasters)

* Change of Registry if required

* Processes to choose a new Registry if required

* Fair treatment

* Non-discrimination

* Non-exclusion

In addition, TSB considers that the following should be considered:

* With whom should there be legally binding agreements?

* Costs

* Service levels

TSB would appreciate receiving your inputs on the above items.

Separately, Q.1 requests that IAB be asked to consider the
attached changes to the RIPE NCC Instructions.


Richard Hill, for Q.1