To: Danny McPherson, Co-chair of PWE3 WG
                Luca Martini, Co-chair of PWE3 WG
                Scott Bradner, Area Director
                Allison Mankin, Area Director

Subject: ATM-MPLS Interworking

The ATM Forum has recently started work on version 2 of our ATM-MPLS-ATM
Network Interworking specification. Please note that the initial version of
this specification, af-aic-0178.000, is publicly available at the ATM
Forum's web site at

In version 2, we have added a length and sequence number field to our frame
format, effectively aligning our frame format with
draft-fischer-pwe3-atm-service-02 that you are considering within PWE3.

Any comments you have will be welcome.

The next meeting of the ATM Forum is April 21-26 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Rick Townsend (
Chair of the Technical Committee, ATM Forum