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Concluded WG IP over IEEE 802.16 Networks (16ng)

Document Date Status IPR AD/Shepherd
RFCs (5 hits)
16 pages
RFC 4968 (was draft-ietf-16ng-ipv6-link-model-analysis)
Analysis of IPv6 Link Models for 802.16 Based Networks Errata
2007-08 Informational RFC Jari Arkko
22 pages
RFC 5121 (was draft-ietf-16ng-ipv6-over-ipv6cs)
Transmission of IPv6 via the IPv6 Convergence Sublayer over IEEE 802.16 Networks Errata
Proposed Standard RFC
Updated by RFC 8064
Jari Arkko
14 pages
RFC 5154 (was draft-ietf-16ng-ps-goals)
IP over IEEE 802.16 Problem Statement and Goals
Informational RFC
Jari Arkko
21 pages
RFC 5692 (was draft-ietf-16ng-ip-over-ethernet-over-802-dot-16)
Transmission of IP over Ethernet over IEEE 802.16 Networks
Proposed Standard RFC
Ralph Droms
13 pages
RFC 5948 (was draft-ietf-16ng-ipv4-over-802-dot-16-ipcs)
Transmission of IPv4 Packets over the IP Convergence Sublayer of IEEE 802.16
Proposed Standard RFC
Ralph Droms