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Status update for WG

The ACE working group met on Monday in the first session.

The CWT document has gone to the RFC Editor since the last meeting and the associated POP CWT draft is expected to progress to the IESG before Montreal.

The WG adopted the EST over CoAP draft after some heavy modifications with some of the work going to the ANIMA group.

During the week there has been a start at getting some interop testing done with the OAuth framework using the DTLS profile which has started to show some promise.  We are going to try to have a couple of virtual interop events over the next couple of months with the goal of having enough by Montreal to be able to be comfortable with going to WGLC then.  As part of this work we will need to look at getting the OSCORE profile tested as well.

There were some non-working (future work) presented dealing with group messaging authorization scenarios that was presented where some re-factorization work had been done to combine pieces that are common between the two drafts.

The WG then has some discussions on a key establishment protocol EDHOC with comparison of message sizes and numbers between that proposal and using TLS to do key establishment transporting the TLS messages inside of CoAP.  While the two protocols have similar results under the UDP scenario, they have different results when looking at the 6TiSH world where packets are restricted in size.