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Status update for WG

As of IETF 102:
ACME met Tuesday afternoon.  It was a very productive meeting.  This status also serves as a reminder that we need 90 minutes next time. :)  Or the chair(s) need to be more ruthless about enforcing the unreasonable time limits.
The agenda was augmented by two last-minute presentations, from the ANRW/hotRFC and SECDISPATCH. The first was on scope and some mitigation for IP address use-after-free, and the second was on using ACME for STAR.  Both had good discussion, and are likely to be taken up by the WG soon.  So this is a point in favor of those forums.
In other work, the WG accepted a PR that addresses the last AD comments, and is redoing WGLC in parallel with IESG review.  The ALPN and IP documents will be moved to WGLC. The email docs need another draft and then hopefully move to WGLC.  Everyone should read the Authority Token documents.