Status update for WG bess at IETF-105

The BGP Enabled Services (BESS) working group is responsible for defining, specifying, and extending network services based on BGP. In particular it focuses on BGP based L2VPN, L3VPN, EVPN, multicast VPN.

The current WG focus is mainly on EVPN which remains a brand new technology while still doing housekeeping on the other topics. An RFC7432bis will start to be prepared soon to fix the known issues in the original specification of EVPN.
The WG has a significant amount of work on flexible Designated Forwarder Election (DF election) procedures to forward Broadcast Unknown Multicast traffic within an EVPN. Such flexibility is required to accommodate various use cases. The framework for the flexible DF election has been published while multiple optional procedures are under discussions within the WG [2] [3] [4] [13] [14].
The WG is also actively working on YANG models for the VPN services [5] [6] [7] [8]. We expect this work to be closed in 2019. 
The WG is also working on service function chaining based on BGP [9] [10]. We expect this work to be closed in 2019. [10] will be soon submitted to the IESG for a final review.
The WG has recently started working on secure VPNs to ensure a secured transport of VPN services [11] [12]. However it has been identified that other working groups (IDR and I2NSF) are also working on similar technology building blocks. Consolidation is on-going on this topic.

[Last Updated: July 2019.]